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Robert Namer
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November 27, 2019

     Only a fool defies his/her boss.  Former Navy Secretary Richard Spencer, who was fired this weekend for his handling of the Navy SEAL Edward Gallagher case, defended himself Monday in his first interview since his ouster. Spencer, speaking to CBS News, said President Trump’s decision to allow Gallagher to retire as a Navy SEAL and keep his SEAL “Trident pin” sends the message to troops that they “can get away with things.” Gallagher, 40, was demoted this summer when he was convicted of posing next to the corpse of a slain ISIS fighte.  He was acquitted of more serious charges, including murder.

     Last week, Trump announced he would restore Gallagher’s rank and the Navy responded by beginning a review process of Gallagher’s Trident pin.  Trump intervened, and ordered the Navy that he will retain the pin.  There was no question that the commander-in-chief would prevail. Trump supported this member who defended this country.

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