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Robert Namer
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November 24, 2019

          Liberal, but a tough woman - Ginsberg should retire.  Supreme Court Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a four-time cancer survivor, is back in the hospital after experiencing chills and fever Friday night. Ginsburg, 86, was first admitted to Sibley Memorial Hospital in Washington before being transferred to Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore for treatment of any possible infection, the court's press office announced Saturday evening.  She was treated with intravenous antibiotics and fluids and thereafter improved, the court said. She hopes to be released as early as Sunday morning.

     Ginsburg, the leader of the court's liberal minority, missed a day of oral argument last week because of a stomach illness, less than three months after completing treatment for her fourth bout with cancer. The justice also missed two weeks of oral arguments in January following surgery for lung cancer, marking the first time in her 26-year Supreme Court career she had been absent. Then in August, she underwent three weeks of radiation for pancreatic cancer.

     The justice's first encounters with cancer came in 1999, when she  had colon cancer, and in 2009, when she had her first bout with pancreatic cancer, a particularly deadly form. 

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