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Robert Namer
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October 09, 2019

     A hard decision made by the man in charge. President Trump on Monday defended his decision to bring back US troops from Syria, saying that America had been there long enough and that the task of writing letters to the families of fallen soldiers was “devastating.” He also said he consulted with “everybody” when asked if he consulted the Joint Chiefs of Staff before Sunday’s decision.

      “We only have 50 people all in that area and I do not want those 50 people hurt or killed or anything. I do not want anything bad to happen. I said to President Erdogan, I said don’t hit any of our people. That’s big trouble,” he said referring to the area closest to the Turkish border.

     And he shook off mounting criticism from Republicans who ripped his decision to remove some US troops from Syria as a blow to America’s Kurdish allies and offered a strong defense of his plan. “I have great respect for all of the [Republican] people. They have an opinion,” he said.

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