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October 04, 2019
     Schiff is a major liar.  Rep. Adam Schiff, the head of the House Intelligence Committee, got a heads-up on a whistleblower’s allegations about President Trump’s phone call with his Ukrainian counterpart days before a complaint was filed, according to a report Wednesday.

     Trump, asked about the development from the New York Times during a White House press conference, said it was a “scandal” and suggested that Schiff wrote the complaint himself. The whistleblower, identified as a CIA officer, first had a colleague contact the agency’s top lawyer with his worries about the July 25 phone call, the Times reported.

     In the call, Trump asked Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to probe the son of political rival Joe Biden — a move that has been alleged to be a quid pro quo to keep hundreds of millions of dollars in US military aid flowing to Ukraine.

     Concerned with how his claims were being handled in the CIA, the whistleblower — who did not personally witness or hear the phone call, but learned of it secondhand — approached an aide to Schiff.  In both cases, the initial accusations were vague, the newspaper said. The House aide, following the panel’s procedures, then suggested the whistleblower find a lawyer to advise him on how to file a complaint.

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