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September 03, 2019

Comey is as low as they come. Former FBI Director James B. Comey’s leaks, in addition to violating bureau policy, also could scare future witnesses away from cooperating in investigations because their confidential conversations could be exposed, a former high-ranking agent warns. Schiliro, who used to run the bureau’s New York office, said there is an element of trust in any FBI investigation that agents will abide by the rules, keeping secret information secret and not deploying it for their own purposes. The Justice Department’s inspector general, in a report last week, found Mr. Comey broke both.

     “The real harm by the release of internal memos is that it seriously undermines the ability of FBI agents to gather information,” Mr. Schiliro told The Washington Times. “Americans need to trust the  FBI to protect information. The self-serving unauthorized leak of internal documents erodes that trust.”

     The inspector general found Mr. Comey improperly kept memos he wrote detailing private conversations with President Trump, even after he was fired, and then shared contents of the memos with his legal team and had one of them, a close friend, leak some contents to the press. The report concluded that Mr. Comey wanted to force the appointment of a special counsel to investigate Mr. Trump and figured that leaking his conversations would do it.

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