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Robert Namer
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July 01, 2019

     Carter is a liberal weak idiot. A day after former President Jimmy Carter made international headlines questioning the legitimacy of the current holder of the office, President Donald Trump responded Saturday — including with his own criticism of Carter’s time at the White House.

     Carter said Friday at a human rights forum in Leesburg, Virginia, that he believes Trump would have lost the 2016 election without Russian help. Trump, speaking at press conference in Japan where he attended the Group of 20 summit, said such comments were nothing more than a Democrat’s “typical talking point.” "Look, he was a nice man. He was a terrible president,” Trump said of the 94-year-old from Plains.

     As reported by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution from the Virginia event, Carter noted, “There’s no doubt that the Russians did interfere in the election and I think the interference, although not yet quantified, if fully investigated, would show that Trump didn’t actually win the election in 2016. He lost the election and he was put in office because the Russians interfered on his behalf.”

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