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Robert Namer
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June 11, 2019

     Pelosi cannot win over Trump. President Trump reached a deal with Mexico to stem the invasion of illegal aliens streaming into the United States. Caravans would be lawfully stopped at Mexico’s southern border, instead of ours. Asylum seekers will remain in Mexico until — in the vast majority of cases — they are denied asylum and returned home.

     This comes in response to threats by Mr. Trump to slap 25% tariffs on goods from Mexico if the government doesn’t step up and start enforcing its own borders and help us enforce ours. Also, it is a win for bringing sanity to our southern border. And once the issue of record numbers of illegals streaming across the border is resolved, maybe politicians in Washington can finally address all the other immigration disasters of their own making, such as the 20-plus million illegals roaming the interior of our country.

     Perhaps no one, however, will benefit more from this Trump diplomatic victory than the thousands and thousands of children who have been illegally dragged, smuggled and secreted across the lethal border by bloodthirsty coyotes. Some — likely far more than we even know about — have died on this dangerous journey.

     Thanks to the Washington Times.

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