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Robert Namer
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June 05, 2019

         Fear mongering by Dems and liberals.  As President Donald Trump escalates the trade war by threatening new tariffs on Mexico and expanding levies on Chinese imports, so-called experts warn that the chances of a sharp slowdown or even a recession within the next year are climbing.  Most Americans are unlikely to have felt much impact from the conflict.

     So-called experts say U.S. tariffs on Mexican goods, coupled with steeper levies on Chinese imports, will raise the price on everything from fruit and vegetables to cars and some electronic gadgets in the U.S.  The heightened trade tensions comes as signals point to a slowing U.S. economy. Analysts also fear the conflict with Mexico could hinder passage of the USMCA, the trade pact the Trump Administration endorses as a replacement NAFTA.

     Fools and so-called experts will be proven wrong, again. 

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