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Robert Namer
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March 09, 2019

     A Foolish publicity stunt. President Donald Trump's former personal attorney, Michael Cohen, sued the Trump Organization on Thursday, saying that after Cohen began cooperating with federal investigators, the company failed to fulfill its contractual obligations to indemnify him or pay his legal bills relating to his work for the firm.

     Cohen -- an executive at the Trump Organization until early 2017, when he left that post to work as Trump's personal attorney -- alleged in the lawsuit the company is obligated to pay both his legal bills, which now total at least $1.9 million, and another $1.9 million he owes as part of a criminal sentence he received late last year.  How much does Cohen owe for breaching attorney client privilege?

     In July 2017, according to the lawsuit filed in the New York state Supreme Court, the Trump Organization agreed to indemnify Cohen and to pay his attorneys' fees and costs in connection with related investigations.

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