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NOVEMBER 2, 2018

     Ryan should not have gone against the president days before midterms. President Trump slammed House Speaker Paul Ryan on Wednesday for opposing his call for an executive order to curb birthright citizenship -- saying it’s something Ryan “knows nothing about.” “Paul Ryan should be focusing on holding the Majority rather than giving his opinions on Birthright Citizenship, something he knows nothing about!” he tweeted. “Our new Republican Majority will work on this, Closing the Immigration Loopholes and Securing our Border!”

     Trump used an interview with “Axios on HBO,” a clip of which was released Tuesday, to announce his intention to use an executive order to end the policy granting automatic citizenship to children born in the U.S. to non-citizen or illegal immigrant parents. On Wednesday, he doubled down on that claim, tweeting that it would be ended “one way or the other.” Speaking to reporters outside the White House later Wednesday, the president said he doesn’t believe you “need a constitutional amendment” to change birth right citizenship. He said he believes it can be accomplished through a vote in Congress, or by an executive order. The president compared it to then-President Obama’s 2012 order that allowed certain people who came to the U.S. illegally as minors to be protected from immediate deportation.  “But certainly if he can do DACA, we can do this by executive order,” Trump said.

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