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OCTOBER 31, 2018

     Maher is a liberal sleeze.  On HBO‘s Real Time With Bill Maher, Stormy Daniels appeared as the host’s opening guest to discuss her scandalous relationship with Donald Trump and her new memoir Full Disclosure. During the interview, Maher pressed the former porn star on why she would ever sleep with such a “sleazebag” as the current White House occupant.  The operative word used by Maher was "sleazebag."

     The dancer, who was recently arrested in Columbus, Ohio by pro-Trump police officers for “motorboating,” responded with a generic “I have no idea,” prompting laughter from the studio audience. “Well, he has a spell on a lot of people,” Maher said in a semi-serious tone, then asking Stormy if Trump had attempted to pay her off after their alleged affair. Daniels insisted that she had never been offered payment and wouldn’t have even accepted it if it were offered. “No. I would have been, like, so offended,” she said. A baffled Maher pushed back with his next question: “but you get paid to have sex on camera?” Daniels defended her comment, clarifying that she is paid by the production company for adult films, not the person she is having sex with, so it’s different.

     Maher then turned her attention back to Donald Trump, asking why she would have unprotected sex with the president despite his sexual history. “Pornstars are supposed to guard, that’s your money maker,” he said. The two celebrities then talked about Trump’s phallus, which the adult film star describes as “tiny” in her new book. She also details how seeing Trump on television or in magazines after their affair made her cringe, thinking “I had sex with that… Eech.”

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