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OCTOBER 28, 2018

      Avenatti has been a loser who profited by the liberal media for attacking Trump. Michael Avenatti is in hot water after being hit with an avalanche of legal, political, financial, and personal troubles, raising questions whether this is the beginning of the end for the lawyer who gained celebrity status thanks to his opposition to President Trump.  Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley announced on Thursday that Avenatti and his client Julie Swetnick, who claimed Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh engaged in sexual misconduct, were referred for criminal investigation for an alleged “conspiracy” to provide false statements to Congress. The Republican lawmaker cited contradictory statements by both Avenatti and Swetnick in media interviews and pointed to an NBC interview on Oct. 1, where Swetnick backtracked on her central claim that she saw Kavanaugh spiking punch at high school parties in the 1980s.

     According to an NBC News report on Thursday, Avenatti’s second Kavanaugh accuser, whose sworn statement was provided to the Senate Judiciary Committee to boost Swetnick’s credibility, also walked back on the allegations even before the lawyer could post her statement on social media.  While her statement claimed she saw Kavanaugh “spike” the punch at the parties, she said “I didn't ever think it was Brett” in a phone interview with the outlet set up by Avenatti. She also said “no” to a question if she ever witnessed Kavanaugh acting inappropriately towards women.

     Avanatti’s action’s during the Kavanagh confirmation process have damaged him in the eyes of many Democrats who perceived his tactics as counterproductive. The outlandish allegations of “gang” and “train” rapes at parties merely helped cloud the testimony of Christine Blasey Ford who first came forward with the accusations of sexual misconduct. Seemingly a permanent fixture on CNN or MSNBC earlier this year only for the appearances to have recently dried up, Avenatti was forced to call a press conference to address Grassley’s referral.

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