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OCTOBER 25, 2018

     Cuomo is an idiot.  New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is finding new allies in his campaign to “bankrupt” the National Rifle Association, as three additional states follow his call to take legal action against the gun-rights group’s insurance program. And an ethics watchdog anticipates more states could join. “It is troubling that we have seen the government targeting individuals and organizations to silence them based on their political positions,” Kendra Arnold, executive director of the Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust (FACT), told Fox News.

     She cited similarities to the 2016 discovery that state AGs were cooperating to target skeptics of climate change. In the latest case, FACT has filed freedom of information requests with 21 states including the four publicly targeting the NRA – New York, New Jersey, California and Washington state – in search of evidence that might show such coordination here. The requests seek communications with “any other Attorney General, Governor, or state insurance official … that mention the ‘National Rifle Association’ … or ‘Carry Guard Insurance.’”

     “Carry Guard” is an NRA-sponsored insurance policy for gun owners who use a firearm in self-defense but face civil or criminal liability expenses. State officials have specifically targeted the Overland Park, Kansas-based Lockton Affinity and the Chicago-based Illinois Union, a member of the Chubb group, which were involved in marketing and selling the NRA insurance plans. The New York Department of Financial Services in May levied a combined fine of more than $8 million against the two companies.

     The NRA is a staple that the American people will not allow to be bankrupt by the left and socialist.

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