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OCTOBER 3, 2018

     Questions that make a profound statement - incenses until proven guilty. The Christine Blasey Ford-Brett Kavanaugh hearing last week was an avalanche of emotion, confusion, uncertainty and frustrating irresolution. Kavanaugh behaved less  than admirably, offering evasive responses at some points and hostile ones at others. And Ford's testimony, while raw and affecting, left several big unanswered questions. The FBI, in its investigation this week, should try to resolve at least some of them. Failure to do so could deal a serious blow to Ford?s credibility. 1. What?s in the therapist?s notes? Ford?s account of an alleged sexual assault by Kavanaugh when they were both teens shifted in several notable ways. 2. How did Ford get home? Ford?s details of the attack are very specific and clear in some cases, very vague in others. 3. Why did Ford talk to Mark Judge after he allegedly participated in an assault on her?

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