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Robert Namer
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SEPTEMBER 10, 2018

     Obama is going down in history as the worst president. Obama avoided direct jabs at Donald Trump, sidestepping mentioning the president by name. He focused instead on the effort to support congressional candidates in amping up the crowd. In that speech Friday at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Obama took direct aim at Trump, referring to "crazy stuff that is coming out of this White House."  But Saturday, speaking to about 900 Democratic supporters at the Anaheim Convention Center here, Obama stressed the need for Democrats to win House races.

     He blasted the "politics of fear" and said "the only way we reverse anger and division is when citizens step up to say 'we're going to do things differently.'" He talked about the need to recognize the dangers of climate change, especially given California's natural beauty, and the cause of education. But he didn't delve into some of his legacy issues like the Affordable Care Act, which  could play a large role in November races. Supporters, some wearing T-shirts supporting congressional candidates, cheered him and broke into chants of "Take it back," referring to Congress where both houses are controlled by the GOP.

     Obama is taking false credit for the positive direction of the country is going.

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