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      Facebook, Twitter and Google must be regulated ASAP. On Wednesday, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey testified before Congress to answer questions about social media and foreign election interference — and alleged “pro-liberal bias” on both platforms. But in advance of the hearings and just months after Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg faced similar questions from Congress members about bias and privacy on Facebook, some on the right — including the president of the United States — believe they may have found a solution to purported anti-conservative prejudice by big business: government regulation.

     As Fox News host Laura Ingraham put during her show on Friday night, “There’s a thought that, given the enormity of these corporations, could there be a movement to treat [Twitter and Facebook] more like public utilities so they have some quasi-government oversight of these entities?” Treating Twitter and Facebook as public utilities, like water or electricity, seems to be a strange response from many of the same people who, for instance, believe that water and electricity companies should be privatized. The “unholy marriage forged between the Republican Party and big business interests,” as conservative talk show host Larry O’Connor put it, has long been a staple of the modern GOP.

     But in 2018, some conservatives are caught in a tenuous position, simultaneously arguing that private entities, like Masterpiece Cakeshop, for example, have the right to do business as they see fit, but that corporations like Twitter, Google, and Facebook don’t. They argue that’s largely because they’re not being “fair” to conservatives.

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