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     CNN, the Communist News Network, has no class. President Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani on Saturday praised the lawyer representing Michael Cohen for retracting his previous statements to CNN about the Trump Tower meeting in 2016. Lanny Davis, the lawyer now representing Trump’s longtime former lawyer, originally told the network that Cohen could testify that then-candidate Trump knew in advance about the meeting with his campaign officials where Russians promised dirt on Hillary Clinton.  He later retracted the statement he gave to CNN’s Carl Bernstein, saying last week that he made a “major mistake” because he wasn’t certain about Cohen’s knowledge. Cohen had previously told congressional investigators Trump did not know about the meeting.

     Giuliani praised Davis, who is an opinion contributor at The Hill, for clarifying his comments. He also suggested that Cohen is making false claims. Giuliani has been on the offensive against Cohen, saying he is a “pathological liar.” “Davis is covering for Cohen as he should. Davis did right thing in recanting,” Giuliani tweeted Saturday. “Davis has more integrity than CNN. They want to get Trump at the cost of their ever diminishing reputation.” Giuliani has been attacking the network, calling it “Fake News Network” or “FNN” instead of CNN.

     “CNN is well known as a virulent anti-Trump Fake News Network(FNN),” Giuliani tweeted early Saturday morning. “Lanny Davis says his client Cohen lied when they leaked that Pres. Trump knew about the so-called Russia meeting before it happened. Everyone has retracted but FNN. Need more proof.” Trump stepped up his personal attacks against CNN and Bernstein this week, calling the reporter a “sloppy” man who “thinks like a degenerate fool.”

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