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AUGUST 25, 2018

     Liberal media deceptive poll. Pennsylvania, a state that helped put President Donald Trump in the White House, isn’t too keen on the president’s tariff push, a new phony NBC News/Marist poll finds, as a near majority fears that the ongoing trade war will ultimately damage the U.S. economy. The economy is stronger than in a long time - Trump must be doing something right.  Allegedly, forty-five percent of Pennsylvania adults believe that tariffs and other import barriers will raise costs of consumer goods and hurt the country’s economy. By comparison, 27 percent believe they will protect American jobs and help the economy.

     The administration’s trade policy is unpopular across virtually all demographic groups in the phony NBC/Marist poll — the only groups where a majority supports the tariffs are self-identified Republicans and Trump supporters. The phony poll shows Trump’s job approval rating among adults in the state stands at 38 percent, with 52 percent disapproving of his job performance. Among registered voters, 37 percent approve of Trump’s job and 53 percent disapprove

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