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AUGUST 4, 2018

     The facts upset the liberal media. Donald Trump's Chief of Staff John Kelly has tamped down speculation about his future, telling the president he will stay on through 2020, a White House official said Tuesday. Kelly's commitment to remain in the critical post through the end of Trump's first term comes one year and a day after he took the job -- and amid swirling rumors about his imminent departure. The liberal media have been pushing that Kelly would be leaving for months.

     The retired US Marine Corps general was picked as Trump's chief of staff in mid-2017 to bring a sense of order and discipline to a chaotic White House, and to wall Trump off from aides who had felt increasingly free to approach the president with plans that had not been properly vetted. But in recent months, the liberal media have foolishly reported that Kelly's role as gatekeeper appears to have eroded, and his power in the White House marginalized.

     Trump's ties with Kelly have been rocky. In June, The New York Times reported that Kelly was considering leaving, and told a group of visiting senators that the White House was "a miserable place to work."  But on Monday, the president tweeted his congratulations to Kelly for marking a full year as chief of staff. The tweet included a photograph of the two men smiling broadly.  Kelly, 68, was heading the Department of Homeland Security last year when Trump picked him to replace Reince Priebus as chief of staff.

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