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JULY 29, 2018

     Trump has made Joe feel stupid and ignorant. MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough is getting sick and tired of reading President Donald Trump’s “stupid tweets” on the air. The “Morning Joe” host understands those social media statements from the president are newsworthy, but he said Trump is repeating the same dishonest statements over and over. “It’s my job to read his stupid tweets, even when they’re lies, and I’ve gotten to the point — why bother, I’ll just read what the news says about the stupid tweets because I’m not going to waste my time,” Scarborough said. “That’s not out of anger,” he added. “That’s just out of — I’ve seen it a thousands times before. I’m just saying, if I’m feeling that way, even Trump supporters have got to start feeling that way. Yeah, he’s going to lie. He’s going to go in all caps. It’s all nonsense, he is just speaking to himself.”

     The president issued an all-caps nuclear threat late Sunday against Iran, and followed that up hours later with more false claims about the Russia investigation.  “He’s been screaming all weekend,” Scarborough said, “but last night he was screaming instead of screaming about Republican judges, he was screaming about the Republican Guard and his threat to wipe out Iran.”

     Joe showed his stupidity and ignorance - rating are very, very low.

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