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JULY 28, 2018

     Jimmy Carter is an idiot. Former President Jimmy Carter said America is no longer a champion of basic human rights, at home or abroad.  “The United States has already lost its place as a leader of protecting people and their human rights,” Carter told the Human Rights Defenders Forum at The Carter Center in Atlanta on Tuesday.  As a superpower, the U.S. “should be the champion of human rights in the world,” Carter said, but he feared it had “already lost its long-time commitment” to the cause.  “We are not the superpower because we have the largest military on earth or because we have the strongest economy in the world,” said Carter. “We should be a superpower because we espouse things that are important to everyone on earth and I think human rights are one of them.”

     It shows why Carter failed as President and was not reelected.  A loser.

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