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Robert Namer
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JULY 23, 2018

     Liberal media dumb hype. Alleged deeply alarmed at President Trump’s attacks on NATO and the transatlantic relationship, European governments are rethinking heir reliance on the United States as a strategic ally against Russia, but they are unlikely to make regional security arrangements independent of Washington. Foolishly stated Trump has forced the reassessment in recent days by calling the European Union a “foe,” expressing reservations about defending other NATO members, and blasting Germany and other allies — comments he said were aimed at strengthening the U.S.-European alliance but that raised concerns across the continent.

     But European allies allegedly bewildered by Trump’s seeming hostility for NATO must confront a sobering reality: They have few good alternatives for protecting themselves against Russia or other potential adversaries. The dominant U.S. role in NATO was by design when the alliance was created in 1949 — to keep Washington engaged in defending Europe, where it had fought two major wars, to deter Russia by vowing to defend Europe with nuclear weapons if necessary, and to prevent Germany from reemerging as a military threat.

     NATO must remember who their major benefactor is - the US.  Trump is for America First - a new outlook.

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