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JULY 21, 2018

     The WH does not have to listen to Democrats.  The White House was under growing pressure on Thursday to provide a full account of Donald Trump’s private talks earlier this week with Vladimir Putin, as Russian officials spoke of “important verbal agreements” made.  Foolish thought, as such an act would prevent all private conversations with leaders of countries.

     As some Democrats went as far as to push for the US translator in the room during Monday’s summit in Helsinki to give an account to Congress, Putin on Thursday hailed the meeting as a “success”.  In the aftermath of the outcry from Democrats and some Republicans around Trump’s remarks, in which he sided with Putin rather than US intelligence over Russian interference in US elections, attention shifted to what was said in the private talks.

     Trump, in an interview late on Wednesday with CBS News, gave a vague outline of the discussions and said Putin was responsible for the cyber-espionage assault on US political institutions before the 2016 election because “he’s in charge of the country”. Early Thursday, Trump promoted the Helsinki talks on Twitter and said he looked forward to his next Putin meeting – though it was unclear when exactly this is expected to be.

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