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JUNE 29, 2018

     Liberals hate the fact that there will be positive change and at least one more will go before Trumps term is over. Supreme Court Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy will step down from the bench on July 31.  Kennedy, 81, has sat on the high court since 1988. The Ronald Reagan appointee is known for his frequent role as a swing vote on 5-4 decisions. In this Supreme Court term, Kennedy sided with the court’s conservative bloc in every one of the court’s 5-4 decisions.

     With his departure, President Donald Trump is likely to appoint a more reliably conservative judge who will swing the balance of the court further to the right. Among the key issues at stake is the constitutional right to an abortion, as upheld in the Supreme Court’s 1973 decision in Roe v. Wade. With a conservative replacing Kennedy, anti-abortion activists are likely to shepherd a challenge to that ruling up to the Supreme Court. Conservatives have long been preparing for Kennedy’s departure from the court and have been eyeing potential replacements since last year. Speaking shortly after Kennedy’s announcement, the president said his search for a nominee would begin immediately, and that he will choose a new judge from the list the White House circulated in November.

     The confirmation will likely take place ahead of the midterm elections in November. McConnell previously delayed a confirmation vote during an election year, when former President Barack Obama nominated Merrick Garland to replace Antonin Scalia after his death in 2016.  There is a big difference between a presidential and midterm election.

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