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JUNE 24, 2018

     Time is trash.  After a tense past few weeks in regards to immigration reform from the Trump administration's executive order on family separation (and later their repeal of it), TIME magazine has presented their latest cover for the July 2 issue, featuring a heart-wrenching photo illustration of a crying Honduran girl staring into the eyes of President Donald Trump with the caption, "Welcome to America."  Pulitzer-prize winning photographer John Moore is the man behind the image, and in an interview with TIME magazine, he carefully and painstakingly details the story of the photo.

     The main problem is that it was a fake photo.  The girl was never arrested by anyone.The TIME cover is not the first time that the magazine has targeted the president and his decision-making. Recently, they used a cover of the president looking at himself in the mirror and seeing his reflection as a king, a cover of Trump depicted as a wrecking ball, and a cover of him and Presidential Nominee Opponent, Hilary Clinton holding a sign reading, "The end is near." Total fake news.

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