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JUNE 9, 2018

     The White House on Thursday slammed the mayor of Philadelphia’s “disgusting” celebratory dance after a court ruled in favor of the city in a fight with the Trump administration on its sanctuary city status.  U.S. District Judge Michael Baylson ruled Wednesday that the Trump administration cannot cut off grants to the city over policies limiting cooperation with federal immigration authorities. Baylson said the conditions the administration placed on the city were unconstitutional, “arbitrary and capricious.”  Video tweeted by Philadelphia Mayor James Kenney’s deputy chief of staff showed him dancing with chief of staff Jane Slusser.

     “Sanctuary city, yeh!” a giddy Kenney sings before high-fiving Slusser. The White House was not impressed and drew attention to the crimes committed by criminal illegal immigrants who have been protected by sanctuary policies.  “Many  in peoplePhiladelphia have been killed, raped or assaulted at the hands of criminal illegal aliens,” White House spokesman Hogan Gidley told Fox News. “It’s disgusting the mayor would dance in celebration of a lawless decision that allows these dangerous criminals to roam free in Philadelphia communities and prey on innocent families and children.”

     The mayor acted like a child idiot. Hopefully a real Court of Appeals or Supreme Court will set back this ridiculous verdict.

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