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JUNE 5, 2018

     Democrats will not come close to picking up ten Republican House seats. As Californians prepare to go to the polls today to choose candidates in primary elections, the state’s quirky electoral rules and a softening of support for Democrats among suburban voters could disrupt the party’s ambitious plan to wrest as many as 10 seats from Republicans in California. November’s general election could change the balance of power in the U.S. Congress, where Republicans control both chambers. Democrats need to win 23 seats nationwide to have a majority in the House of Representatives, foolishly considered a possibility. Most of California’s congressional districts did not go for the Republican Party’s leader, Donald Trump, in the 2016 presidential election.

      Voters today will also be choosing candidates to run in next November’s election in primaries in New Jersey, Mississippi, Alabama, Iowa, Montana, South Dakota and New Mexico. For the first time, the number of registered voters who are Republicans slipped below the number of independents, leaving the party in third place, said Paul Mitchell, vice president of Political Data www.politicaldata.com, which analyzed registration information from the state this week.

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