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MAY 5, 2018

      It is hard to tell whether Giuliani was helpful. Former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani joined Sean Hannity for a wide-ranging exclusive interview on "Hannity." Giuliani recently joined President Donald Trump's legal team defending him in the special counsel probe into alleged Russian collusion which is headed by former FBI Director Robert Mueller. Giuliani, 73, is a longtime friend of Trump's, and has been involved in New York City politics since serving as the U.S. attorney in the powerful Southern District of New York -- based in Manhattan.

     The former mayor was in 2016 floated by Trump as a potential nominee for U.S. attorney general. He also worked in the federal government previously, under Deputy Attorney General "Ace" Tyler Jr. during the Gerald Ford administration. In the interview, Giuliani said people cannot blame Trump for feeling that he is being mistreated in the Mueller probe. He added that Trump's overtures toward the Koreas are "much more significant than this garbage investigation."
Giuliani also said he has the unique qualification of having a relationship with both Trump and Mueller.

     But, he said Mueller's questions, as leaked to the press earlier this week, are "intended to trap [Trump]." Giuliani said he knows fired FBI Director James Comey, and had to decide whether the ex-director or Trump have been lying. "Sorry Jim, you're a liar -- a disgraceful liar," he said. "It would have been good for God if God kept you out of being the head of the FBI." He said Comey should be prosecuted for releasing sensitive information via Columbia University Professor Daniel Richman.

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