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APRIL 6, 2018

      Dems have not helped Blacks in over 50 years of loyalty.  “Until 1968, landlords could legally refuse to rent to African Americans and other people of color, and homeowners and real estate agents could refuse to show or sell them homes,” she writes. “Banks could deny mortgage loans based on a homebuyer’s race or a neighborhood’s racial mix. And white communities could pass zoning and land-use restrictions designed to keep people of color out. The federal Fair Housing Act declared these practices illegal, protecting people from discrimination when they are renting or buying a home or applying for a mortgage loan.”

     Law after law have been passed to help Blacks, not by liberals or Democrats.  MLK, a Black man, is the only person with a Holiday in his name - not an inventor of anything, president, elected official, war hero, medical discoverer, etc.  No White, Asian, Hispanic or Native American has their own Holiday named after him/her.  Yes, many wrongs, but also, many favors and gifts - not one by Democrats.

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