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APRIL 1, 2018

     I changed today's Commentary in order to report this very important breaking news.  This information is so incredible, most in the media are reluctant to report the information until there is more official confirmation.  That should happen within hours.

     Under conditions of anonymity, informed sources within the White House have reported that former President Obama,  along with several members of his cabinet and staff committed various illegal acts.

     Allegedly, special agents within the FBI have discovered certain politically damaging documents and tapes detailing information about Obama's spying on President Donald Trump, as well as him practicing the Muslim religion.

     The investigation started about six months ago, when two former White House staff members came forward with unquestionable proof.  If this information is true, Obama and all involved could face serious criminal charges.

     The most important matter that has not been disclosed, is "April Fool."  However, it may not be so farfetched.

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