Las Vegas Police Investigating Shooting At Mandalay Bay Casino
Las Vegas police were investigating reports of an active shooter near or inside Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino Sunday night, the city's police department said on Twitter. Mandalay Bay is located on the south end of the Vegas strip on Las Vegas Boulevard and across from McCarran Inernational Airport. Police shut down Las Vegas Blvd and urged the public to stay away. The final night of the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival was taking place across the street from Mandalay Bay when the reported shooting took place. Several artists performing at the music festival reported hearing gunshots. NBC News
VOA VIEW: America is great and will persevere.

NFL's Week 4 Sees Dozens Of NFL Players Kneel, Raise Fists During National Anthem
Dozens of NFL players took a knee during the national anthem as others raised their fists before the games of Week 4 Sunday, a day after President Trump tweeted that it that it was "very important” for players to stand. Still, the number of kneeling players was down from last weekend, when more than 200 athletes took a knee after Trump lashed out at athletes who protest during the national anthem. Among the players who kneeled Sunday: half of the San Francisco 49ers. The team released a video of the athletes with the caption: "Together." Their opponents, the Arizona Cardinals, stood. Fox
VOA VIEW: The NFL and all players are losing fans and money.

Puerto Rican CEO: Local Government 'Corrupt' And 'Totally Inexperienced' In Maria Cleanup
The head of an international engineering firm in Puerto Rico said in an editorial Saturday that when the time came to send 50 of his engineers to help in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, he bypassed local officials and went straight to FEMA. The reason, said Jorge Rodriguez, the CEO of PACIV, in an editorial in the New York Post, is that “for the last 30 years, the Puerto Rican government has been completely inept at handling regular societal needs, so I just don’t see it functioning in a crisis like this one.” Fox
VOA VIEW: Puerto Rico lost because its government was inexperienced and corrupt.

Trump: Tillerson 'Wasting His Time' Negotiating With North Korea
President Donald Trump on Sunday again mocked North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and said Secretary of State Rex Tillerson should not bother trying to negotiate with him in an effort to stop the country's development of nuclear weapons. "I told Rex Tillerson, our wonderful Secretary of State, that he is wasting his time trying to negotiate with Little Rocket Man..." Trump said on Twitter. He continued, "...Save your energy Rex, we'll do what has to be done!" Later Sunday afternoon, Trump added: "Being nice to Rocket Man hasn't worked in 25 years, why would it work now? Clinton failed, Bush failed, and Obama failed. I won't fail." CNN
VOA VIEW: Trump is telling the truth and know much more than Tillerson who tries to be too accommodating.

Kasich Hints At Leaving GOP If It's Not 'Fixed'
Ohio Republican Gov. John Kasich said on CNN's "State of the Union" Sunday that a time could come when he no longer supports the Republican Party. "If the party can't be fixed, Jake, then I'm not going to be able to support the party. Period. That's the end of it." Kasich said in an interview with anchor Jake Tapper. Asked what that meant for his future in the GOP, Kasich said he was committed to the party and intended to win it over from the surging nationalist wing. CNN
VOA VIEW: Time will tell.


Cohn Says Repatriation Tax Rate Will Be In '10-Percent Range'
National Economic Council Director Gary Cohn said Sunday that the Trump administration’s proposed tax on offshore profits would be in the “10 percent range.” The long-awaited tax framework unveiled by White House advisers and congressional leaders last week didn’t specify the rates for the one-time tax U.S. companies would be subject to for their accumulated offshore profits. The plan just said there would be a higher rate for income held in cash compared to the rate for less liquid investments. Bloomberg

Tillerson Plays Good Cop On North Korea In Beijing Trip
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s public acknowledgment that the U.S. has direct channels to North Korea has underscored his role as an administration moderate when it comes to reining in the regime over its nuclear weapons. After starting his term with a swing through Asia where he said talks with Pyongyang wouldn’t be productive, Tillerson, on a one-day trip to Beijing, left the door open to negotiations. That’s a stance that runs counter to what others in the U.S. administration -- including President Donald Trump -- have said. ” Bloomberg
VOA VIEW: Tillerson seems weak.

Hundreds Injured In Catalonia As Spanish Police Crack Down On Referendum Vote
Spain’s constitutional crisis reached a boiling point as Catalans in Barcelona and across the region headed to the polls in a highly-contested independence referendum and were met with a harsh police crackdown. Several hundred people were injured in the confrontations with officers on Sunday, and dozens of polling centers were shut down. Police acting on orders from the Spanish government to stop the voting across the country’s northeastern region clashed with Catalans who were attempting to stop them from confiscating ballots. ABC News


Chuck Schumer Says Puerto Rico Relief Effort Has Been "Slow-Footed" And "Not Adequate"
Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-New York, had strong words for President Trump Sunday amid the ongoing crisis in Puerto Rico. "The president, instead of tweeting against the mayor of San Juan, who's watching her people die and just made a plea for help, ought to roll up his sleeves and get to work here," Schumer said on CBS News' "Face the Nation." CBS News
VOA VIEW: Schumer is a lying idiot.

Captain's Errors Primary Cause Of El Faro Sinking
A Coast Guard report released Sunday says the primary cause of the 2015 sinking of the cargo ship El Faro, which killed all 33 aboard, was the captain underestimating the strength of a hurricane and overestimating the ship's strength. The report said Capt. Michael Davidson should have changed the El Faro's route between Jacksonville, Florida, and San Juan, Puerto Rico, to avoid Hurricane Joaquin's 150 mph winds and when the 790-foot vessel got stuck he should have taken more aggressive measures to save it. CBS News

Supreme Court Opens Momentous Term On Monday
The U.S. Supreme Court returns to work Monday facing a blockbuster docket, as it roars back from last year's unusually low-key term. Objections to same-sex marriage, state regulation of sports betting, the privacy of cellphone users and limits on political partisanship dominate the court's agenda. "There's only one prediction that's entirely safe about the upcoming term," Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said at Georgetown University's law school late last month. "And that is, it will be momentous." : NBC News

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Investigation Launched Into ‘Serious’ Airbus A380 Engine Failure
One of 500 passengers aboard an Airbus A380 bound for Los Angeles described Sunday the moment the superjumbo suffered a mid-flight engine explosion and was forced to land in a remote part of eastern Canada. Enrique Guillen said Air France flight AF66 from Paris was passing over Greenland bound for California on Saturday when it was rocked by an uncontained engine failure — a rare emergency in which machinery and other parts break away from the plane at high velocity. NBC

More Catholic Baiting Levied Against Amy Coney Barrett From The Left
The Catholic baiting that Notre Dame law professor Amy Coney Barrett has been subjected to is becoming a liberal sport; she is being considered for a seat on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit. After first being questioned about her religious convictions—coming close to invoking a religious test—by Senator Dick Durbin and Senator Dianne Feinstein (I wrote to both of them registering my outrage), Barrett's religious affiliations are now under attack. The New York Times has an interesting story on Barrett's membership in a Catholic group called People of Praise. CNS

Ditka: 'You Don't Like The Country, Get The Hell Out!' -- 'I Have No Respect' For Kaepernick
Three-time Super Bowl champion and Pro Football Hall of Fame member Mike Ditka, who also is an analyst for ESPN's NFL Live, said he did not agree with 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick -- now a free agent -- kneeling in protest during the national anthem, saying he had "no respect for Kaepernick" and that if you don't like the country, then "get the Hell out!" During a Sept. 23 interview on Dallas' 105.3 CNS


NFL Players Kneel During Anthem At London Game
Players for both the Miami Dolphins and New Orleans Saints took a knee on the field today during the opening moments of a football game on Sunday in London, the day after President Trump tweeted that it is “very important” that players stand up for the playing of the national anthem. Dolphins receiver Kenny Stills, tight end Julius Thomas and safety Michael Thomas took a knee for the United States national anthem. Afterwards, along with every other player on the team, they stood up for the playing of the United Kingdom national anthem, "God Save the Queen." ABC News
VOA VIEW: Disgraceful!

Knifeman Yelling 'Allahu Akbar' Shot Dead After Killing Two In France
Two women were stabbed to death and their assailant shot dead by a soldier in the southern French port city of Marseille on Sunday in what officials described as a “likely terrorist act”. Police sources said the suspect had shouted “Allahu Akbar” (God is greatest) in Arabic as he attacked the women, aged 17 and 20, at Marseille’s main railway station. Two police sources said one had her throat slit while the other was stabbed in the chest and stomach. An Islamic State militant was responsible for the attack, the group’s Amaq news agency said. Reuters

Benghazi Suspect’s Criminal trial To Test Speed Of U.S. Courts Vs. Military Tribunals
The deadly 2012 attack on an American compound in Benghazi, Libya, reverberated in Washington politics for years — including an 11-hour public grilling on Capitol Hill of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the discovery of Mrs. Clinton’s private email server — resulting in an 800-page congressional report that concluded the Obama administration misled the public. Five years after the attack, a jury will consider the events that claimed the lives of four Americans. Washington Times

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Trump Will Announce New Steps To Cut Red Tape In Monday Speech
President Trump will kick off the new fiscal year Monday by redoubling his administration’s efforts to cut red tape, a move he views as a key driver of economic resurgence. In a speech in the East Room of the White House, Mr. Trump will call attention to “the benefit that reform can have for ordinary Americans,” said Neomi Rao, administrator of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs. Mr. Trump also has issued a memo directing federal agencies to lower the overall cost of their regulations in fiscal 2018. Washington Times

Lawmakers Look To Bypass Trump On North Korea Sanctions
Senators from both parties increasingly worried about North Korea's nuclear weapons program are talking about bypassing President Trump and hitting the country with sanctions on their own. That talk is setting up a potential clash between Congress and President Trump, whose administration insists they are already hitting the regime of Kim Jong Un hard. Trump enacted unprecedented sanctions last week that target banks around the globe that do business with North Korea. It's a major step toward raising pressure on China, Pyongyang's staunchest ally and benefactor, to cut their support for Kim. The Hill

Austria's 'Burqa Ban' Law Comes Into Force
A law known as the "Burqa Ban" took effect Sunday in Austria, the latest European country to wrestle over national security and its effect on the freedoms of Muslim women. The rule forbids any type of full-face covering -- niqabs and burqas among them. Wearing a ski mask off the slopes, a surgical mask outside hospitals and party masks in public is also prohibited. The same day the law took effect, police commanded a woman to remove her niqab in Zell Am See, Metro reported. Fox News

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Steve Scalise's Prayer After Being Shot: 'God, Please Don't Let My Daughter Have To Walk Up The Aisle Alone'
House Majority Whip Steve Scalise thought of his daughter while he was bleeding out on a baseball field in Alexandria, Va. in June and prayed he'd be able to walk her down the aisle at her wedding. "At that point, I just went into prayer. And it, it gave me a calmness. It was a weird calmness, while I'm hearing the gunfire. You know the first thing that came to mind?" Scalise said in an interview on "60 Minutes." "I prayed, ‘God, please don't let my daughter have to walk up the aisle alone.' That was the first thing that came to mind." Scalise said he wasn't originally sure how badly he was injured because his body quickly went into shock. Fox

Trump Sent 18 Tweets On Puerto Rico On Saturday
In an 11-hour period beginning at 7:19 a.m. and ending at 6:46 p.m. Saturday, the President of the United States ripped off 18 -- yes, 18! -- tweets dealing with the dire situation in Puerto Rico following the devastation wrought by Hurricane Maria. What's more remarkable than Donald Trump -- aka the commander in chief, aka the most most powerful person in the country -- tapping out 18 tweets on a single subject in less than 12 hours is the tone of those tweets: Negative, defensive and dark. It all began with Trump's slashing attack on San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz, who has become the face of the humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico.  CNN

Goldman Attorney Ready For 'Round Two' Of Trying To Collect From O.J. Simpson
California attorney David Cook specializes in collections. His most challenging debtor: O.J. Simpson. Now that Simpson has been released from a Nevada prison after serving nine years for a robbery and kidnapping conviction, Cook says he's ready to start working again. "The good news for me is he's getting out. The bad news for him is I'm in good health. I'm good to go." Cook has been representing the survivors of Ron Goldman for more than a decade.  CNN

Trump Dedicates Golf Trophy To Hurricane Victims Amid Controversy Over Response
President Trump dedicated the trophy of the Presidents Cup golf tournament to hurricane victims in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico, telling the crowd he wanted the focus on those who "have really suffered." Trump, the tournament's honorary chairman and the first sitting president to attend the final day's matches, made the remarks as he presented the gold trophy to U.S. captain Steve Stricker and an American team that defeated the International team, 19-11, the biggest victory by either side in 17 years. ABC News

"Yes" Side Wins Catalonia Independence Vote Marred By Chaos
Catalonia's regional government declared a landslide win for the "yes" side in a disputed referendum on independence from Spain that degenerated into mayhem Sunday, with more than 800 people injured as riot police attacked peaceful protesters and unarmed civilians trying to cast their ballots. Catalonia has "won the right to become an independent state," Catalan president Carles Puigdemont said after the polls closed, adding that he would keep his pledge to declare independence unilaterally if the "yes" side wins.  ABC News

Navy Aircraft Crashes In Tennessee, U.S. Military Confirms
A Navy aircraft carrying explosives crashed in Tellico Plains, Tennessee, the U.S. military confirms Sunday. Federal authorities "assume the crash is fatal." Officials are looking into the possibility that it is a T-45 Goshawk jet from Training Air Wing ONE based out of Naval Air Station in Meridian, Mississippi. CBS affiliate WVLT-TV writes that the Monroe County Sheriff's Office said the jet crashed in the Cherokee National Forest.  CBS News

Russia Giving Cover To Iran Could Doom Nuclear Deal As Trump Considers Whether To Certify
As President Donald Trump considers whether to certify to Congress the controversial 2015 nuclear deal with Iran, word that the United Nations’ nuclear watchdog can’t verify a crucial part of the agreement could tip the scales with time running out by the middle of next month. U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley indicated Thursday that Russia was shielding Iran by blocking the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) from verifying part of the deal. The IAEA initially revealed the news to a reporter in a Q&A. Meanwhile, under a requirement from Congress, Trump must choose whether to certify the deal by October 15.  Fox

Tormenting Manafort Is Seen As Weissmann’s Way To Snare Big Prosecution Targets For Mueller
Facing indictment and millions of dollars in legal debts, President Trump’s onetime campaign manager maintains his innocence and has nothing incriminating to offer Special Counsel Robert Mueller, associates say. But Paul Manafort, who once advised Ronald Reagan and went on to build a lucrative political consulting business overseas, knows he is up against one of the Justice Department’s most relentless prosecutors. Andrew Weissmann, who led Justice’s fraud division before being reunited with Mr. Mueller, his former FBI boss, has an operational history of going after the relatively small to snare the big. The Washington Times

‘The New Washington’: Though Out Of Power, Democrats Are Winning The Fight
Representative Nancy Pelosi might have retired from Congress had Hillary Clinton been elected, content that she was leaving the government in capable female hands. “One of the reasons I stayed here is because I thought Hillary Clinton would win, we’d have a woman president and so there would be a woman not at a seat at the table, but at the head of the table for the world,” said Ms. Pelosi, the liberal Californian and longtime leader of House Democrats. NY Times
VOA VIEW: Liberal propaganda.

Google, Facebook May Have To Reveal Deepest Secrets
The investigations into Russia's role in the 2016 election are threatening to pry the lid off tech companies' most prized possessions: the secret inner workings of their online platforms. As the probes unfold into social media’s role in spreading misinformation, U.S. lawmakers are beginning to show an interest in the mechanics of everything from how Facebook weights news items to how Google ranks search results. The questions, which echo European regulators’ interventionist approach to technology, are a stark change for Silicon Valley companies accustomed to deference from U.S. officials on how they run their operations. POLITICO

Paris Bans All Cars From The Whole City For A Day
Pedestrians are being encouraged to stroll the City of Light as the French capital banned cars throughout the city for a day. Paris has experimented in the past with car-free days, but Sunday marked the first time the entire city was handed over to ramblers, cyclists and roller-bladers. Only emergency vehicles, buses and taxis allowed on the streets from 11 a.m. (1000 GMT; 0400 EDT) until 6 p.m. (1700 GMT; 1300 EDT) Thousands reclaimed the boulevards, and many like Maxime Denis were thrilled to experience the city without the combustion engine. As he walked near Place de la Republique in the city center, Denis told the Associated Press that it was nice to walk "without any risk to be run over." ABC News

Supreme Court Kickoff: Trump Agenda, Union Dues, Kennedy Speculation
When it comes to touting the successes of his first months in office, President Trump often boasts about the "S.C." in his tweets -- his shorthand for the U.S. Supreme Court and the contentious confirmation of Justice Neil Gorsuch. But with a shaky conservative majority in place, the justices are poised to give a hard legal look in the coming months to the president and his party's policies -- in a new term that could either fuel or significantly set back the administration’s political and legislative momentum. Fox News

NBA Suggests To Teams Unity Ideas, Reminds Of Anthem Rule
The NBA is recommending teams address fans or show videos expressing themes of unity before their first home games, while reminding them of the rule that players must stand for the national anthem. A memo was sent to teams Friday, a day after Commissioner Adam Silver said he expected players would stand for the anthem . In the memo, obtained by The Associated Press, Deputy Commissioner Mark Tatum suggested teams use their opening games “to demonstrate your commitment to the NBA’s core values of equality, diversity, inclusion and serve as a unifying force in the community.” He recommended an address by a player or coach to fans before the anthem, or a video featuring players or community leaders speaking about important issues and showing photos from past community events. The league’s preseason schedule begins Saturday with two games, including the NBA champion Golden State Warriors hosting Denver. Associated Press

Rohrabacher: Assange Has 'Absolute Proof' Of Who Gave Him DNC Emails—And It Ain't The Russians
Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.) says he has seen evidence that could disprove Russia-Trump collusion accusations once and for all, but he's having a hard time getting his message through to the president. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has offered to provide the evidence in exchange for a pardon from President Trump. The congressman expressed confidence in an interview with OAN that the president will "get behind this" as soon he hears the message. "I think he will because I'm going to try to overcome the obstacles in the way -- which happens to be his staff," he said. PJ Media

Two Women Accused Of Murdering Kim Jong Nam Plead Not Guilty
Two young women pleaded not guilty in a Malaysian court Monday morning charged with the murder of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's half-brother, Kim Jong Nam. In one of the most audacious assassinations of the 21st century, Kim was poisoned with VX nerve agent at Kuala Lumpur International Airport in February on his way back to his home in the Chinese territory of Macau. Security footage showed the two women, 25-year-old Indonesian Siti Aisyah, and 29-year-old Vietnamese citizen Doan Thi Huong, walking up behind Kim and rubbing their hands on his face. CNN

A North Korean Ship Was Seized Off Egypt With A Huge Cache Of Weapons Destined For A Surprising Buyer
Last August, a secret message was passed from Washington to Cairo warning about a mysterious vessel steaming toward the Suez Canal. The bulk freighter named Jie Shun was flying Cambodian colors but had sailed from North Korea, the warning said, with a North Korean crew and an unknown cargo shrouded by heavy tarps. Armed with this tip, customs agents were waiting when the ship entered Egyptian waters. They swarmed the vessel and discovered, concealed under bins of iron ore, a cache of more than 30,000 rocket-propelled grenades. Washington Post
VOA VIEW: All ships to North Korea should be stopped and checked.

Gorsuch Effect Will Be On Full Display At Start Of Supreme Court's New Term
Justice Neil Gorsuch's influence on the Supreme Court's deliberations will be evident immediately when oral arguments start Monday. October brings the first full term on the high court for Gorsuch, and the first two days of oral arguments include a pair of immigration cases scheduled for reargument. The two cases, Sessions v. Dimaya and Jennings v. Rodriguez, were argued before Gorsuch joined the high court, which suggests the justices could be deadlocked and in need of the newest justice's input.  Washington Examiner

Google Relaxes Rules On Free News Stories, Plans Subscription Tools
Google announced on Sunday that subscription news websites would no longer have to provide users three free articles per day or face less prominence in search results, relaxing its rules following complaints from media giants like News Corp that their sales were suffering. For the last decade, Google’s “first click free” policy helped ensure that non-subscribers wouldn’t be stifled by paywalls when they clicked on news articles from searches. Google, the largest component of Alphabet Inc, had contended that free samples would lead to increased subscriptions. Reuters

Massive Global Warming Discovery Shocks Scientists
Scientists have long been aware that methane emissions from cows can impact on our climate, but a new study claims that cow farts may have had a far bigger impact on global warming than we thought possible. The findings, published in the journal Carbon Balance and Management, claims that we may have been off in our calculations of methane emissions from livestock by a staggering 11 percent. Methane is a natural byproduct of the cow as its gut microbes breakdown the tough vegetation it eats. Morning Ticker

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