Trump Surveys ‘Epic’ Damage As Texas Braces For Long Recovery
With Texas still being lashed by rain and rescues still underway, President Donald Trump vowed that the government’s response to Hurricane Harvey would serve as a model for disaster recovery. “We want to be looked at five years, 10 years from now, as this is the way to do it,” Trump said Tuesday as he and first lady Melania Trump received a briefing on the storm response at a fire station in Corpus Christi, Texas. At a meeting with state officials in Austin, Texas, later in the day Trump said recovery from the storm will be “a costly proposition” but added that he expected to be able to work with Congress to “come through with the right solution.” Trump made no mention of Harvey’s victims in his public remarks while in Texas. Bloomberg
VOA VIEW: Trump made America proud during a bad time.

State To Eliminate Obama-Era Envoys, As Trump Signals He Won't Fill Vacancies
President Trump and his allies have clamored for months that Senate Democrats are stonewalling top-level appointees -- but the president indicated Tuesday that hundreds of vacancies might just go unfilled. The president cast the decision as part of an effort to shrink the government. On a similar track, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson a day earlier told Congress that most of his agency's special envoy positions -- including dozens from the Obama administration -- will be eliminated and their responsibilities reassigned.  Fox
VOA VIEW: Great!

Melania Trump's Office: Obsession With First Lady's Shoes On Texas Trip Is 'Sad'
Melania Trump's office is firing back at the social media snickering that broke out Tuesday over the first lady's choice of footwear for her visit to Texas, calling the attention to her outfit "sad." While residents in Houston and beyond are grappling with catastrophic flooding from Hurricane Harvey, media outlets and celebrity comedians spent Tuesday morning mocking the first lady over the high heels she was seen wearing while leaving Washington with President Trump. Fox
VOA VIEW: Fools who have nothing good to say.

Harvey Claims Another Life, A Houston Police Officer
Exhausted and drenched in filthy floodwater, weary emergency workers and volunteers scrambled to save the latest wave of Tropical Storm Harvey's victims amid word that a veteran Houston police sergeant drowned on his way to work. Sgt. Steve Perez's body was recovered early Tuesday. Perez, 60, left for work in the dark about 4 a.m. Sunday and "spent about 2½ hours driving around trying to get to his duty station," police Chief Art Acevedo said. The 34-year police veteran drove on an underpass. CNN


Trump Pledges Storm Recovery 'Better Than Ever Before'
Eager to demonstrate leadership amid the worst natural disaster of his tenure, President Donald Trump arrived Tuesday to meet with local, state and federal officials in Austin and Corpus Christi, Texas, to survey disaster relief efforts in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. During both stops, Trump remarked on the unprecedented nature of the storm -- which has left parts of Houston and southeastern Texas under several feet of water -- and talked up recovery efforts being led by state and federal officials. In Corpus Christi, Trump said he hoped the disaster response efforts in the wake of the hurricane would become a model for future natural disaster relief efforts. CNN
VOA VIEW: The liberal media are idiots.

Judge Rejects Sarah Palin Lawsuit Against The New York Times
A federal judge on Tuesday tossed out a defamation lawsuit by Sarah Palin against The New York Times, saying the former Alaska governor failed to show the newspaper knew it was publishing false statements in an editorial before quickly correcting them. The written ruling by Judge Jed Rakoff in Manhattan said the lawsuit seeking unspecified damages "fails on its face to adequately allege actual malice." Bloomberg
VOA VIEW: Coming from NYT is malice at face value.

Louisiana Begins Evacuations For Harvey On 12th Anniversary Of Hurricane Katrina
The catastrophic flooding from Hurricane Harvey is not limited to Texas, it's also affecting parts of southwest Louisiana where preparations are underway to evacuate some areas. As the heavy band of rain stretches over southwest Louisiana, residents in the Lake Charles region are once again bracing for impact like they did for Hurricane Katrina 12 years ago.  ABC News

Trump Warns 'All Options Are On The Table' After North Korea Fires Missile Over Japan
After North Korea launched a missile that flew over Japan, President Donald Trump warned that "all options are on the table" as the United States considers its response. "The world has received North Korea's latest message loud and clear: This regime has signaled its contempt for its neighbors, for all members of the United Nations and for minimum standards of acceptable international behavior," said Trump in a statement. ABC News
VOA VIEW: NK has to and will pay.


Houston Flooding Evacuees Overwhelm Main Evacuation Shelter
Houston's main shelter for flood evacuees is already drastically overcrowded, with more than 9,000 evacuees sleeping on cots and on the floor on Monday night -- almost double the official capacity of the shelter -- in the wake of Harvey.  When "CBS This Morning" co-host Norah O'Donnell went inside the George R. Brown Convention Center in downtown Houston, the city's main evacuation center, she met people who had grabbed sleep anywhere they could, on chairs, on cots, on heaps of baggage and on the floor due to a lack of beds. The official capacity of the venue is 5,000 people, but officials told CBS News that 9,021 people stayed there Monday night, many of them without beds. There were 1,200 beds when CBS News visited the convention center Sunday, reports O'Donnell. CBS

Cedar Bayou, Texas, Records Record-Breaking Rainfall, Says National Weather Service
Cedar Bayou, Texas, has recorded 51.88 inches of rain from Harvey, marking a new continental U.S. record, the National Weather Service said. The area, near Mount Belvieu, Texas, reached the record around 3:30 p.m. CDT and is a record for both Texas and the continental United States. It doesn't, however, pass the 52 inches from tropical cyclone Hiki in Kauai, Hawaii, in 1950 (before Hawaii became a state). CBS

Jared, Ivanka Might Self-Eject, Report Says
Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, daughter and son-in-law to President Donald Trump, may decide to depart his administration over the next several months, a US magazine reported on Tuesday. The report, published in Vanity Fair, quotes sources close to the couple claiming they are weary of the daily beatings they incur in Washington. “One well-connected strategist in New York told me that the two were eyeing a move at the end of the school year in 2018,” the report reads, adding assertively: “Kushner and Ivanka will leave the White House at some point.” Jerusalem Post
VOA VIEW: The truth will prevail.

Houston Imposing Curfew Amid Historic Flooding
Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner says he is imposing a 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. curfew in order to ensure public safety. Turner says at a news conference Tuesday that there is no reason for people to be on the streets during those hours. Police Chief Art Acevedo said violators will be stopped, questioned, searched and arrested. There have been scattered reports of looting during the flooding from Tropical Storm Harvey. NY Post

Looters, Beware: Houston-Area Law Enforcement Cracking Down During A Disaster
A law enforcement crackdown on looters, burglars and robbers netted 15 arrests across the storm-ravaged Houston area. They could face 20 years in prison, since sentences for looters and other thieves can be doubled because of Texas law governing law enforcement during disasters, Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg announced Tuesday. "People displaced or harmed in this storm are not going to be easy prey," Ogg said. SF Gate
VOA VIEW: Looters need to be put under the jail.

350 Alligators Could Escape Flooded Gator Farm Near Houston
The owner of an alligator sanctuary east of Houston worries his 350 giant reptiles could slip over fences and escape if extensive Harvey-related flooding continues, he said. Gary Saurage, owner of the 15-acre Gator Country in Beaumont, Texas, told TV station KFDM that while his preserve uses "certified, high fences," they may not stop his hundreds of rescued alligators from sliding over fence tops if the water continues to rise. USA Today

Why It’s So Hard For U.S. Spies To Figure Out North Korea
When North Korea launched a ballistic missile over Japan Monday, the $80 billion American intelligence-gathering apparatus had only hours of warning, U.S. officials told NBC News. It was the latest in a long history of apparent surprises by the rogue regime. Lately, the North Koreans have outpaced U.S. estimates in their progress on nuclear missiles. In December 2011, the U.S. was unaware for more than 50 hours that longtime leader Kim Jong Il had died — learning the news only after it was announced on North Korean TV.  NBC

Exorcised From Trump, Spicer Finally Meets The Pope
Sean Spicer finally got to meet the Pope. Spicer, who is Roman Catholic, had been left off a list of White House officials who had the chance to meet with Pope Francis in May when Trump visited the Vatican. Vatican spokesman Greg Burke confirms the former White House press secretary attended a meeting with Pope Francis on Sunday. The audience was part of an annual meeting of the International Catholic Legislators Network, which gathers lawmakers from across the world. Vatican Radio posted photographs of the event on its Facebook page. NBC

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Pelosi: DOD Spent 5 Times More On Viagra Than It Would On ‘Transition-Related Care’ For Transgenders
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) says that the Department of Defense is spending five times more on Viagra than it would on “transition-related care” for transgenders had President Donald Trump not ordered the Pentagon to bar transgenders from the military. Pelosi’s critique may have been based on a story that The Washington Post published on July 26, under the headline “The military spends five times as much on Viagra as it would on transgender troops’ medical care.” CNS
VOA VIEW: Pelosi is an idiot.

Professor Fired For Saying Texans Deserve Hurricane Harvey For Supporting Trump
A professor at the University of Tampa who said Texas residents deserved Hurricane Harvey for supporting President Donald Trump has been fired. “On Sunday, Aug. 27, visiting assistant professor of sociology Kenneth Storey made comments on a private Twitter account that do not reflect UT's community views or values. We condemn the comments and the sentiment behind them, and understand the pain this irresponsible act has caused,” the university in a statement Tuesday.  CNS

China: Korean Tensions At 'Tipping Point'
China has warned that tensions on the Korean peninsula have reached a "tipping point" after North Korea fired a ballistic missile over Japan, a move Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe described as "unprecedented" and a "grave threat" to his country's security. Hua Chunying, spokeswoman for the Chinese foreign ministry, urged all sides on Tuesday to avoid provocations, repeating Beijing's call for Pyongyang to suspend missile tests, while proposing that the United States and South Korea China halt ongoing joint military exercises. Al Jazeera
VOA VIEW: North Korea is in serious trouble.

Trump Talks About Crowds, TV While Visiting Texas For Harvey
What a shame. President Trump turned his first visit to storm-ravaged Texas Tuesday into pseudo-campaigning, as he boasted about crowd sizes and TV ratings while surveying the wreckage from Tropical Storm Harvey. “What a crowd, what a turnout,” Trump told hundreds of spectators in an impromptu speech from a firetruck in Corpus Christi.  NY Daily News
VOA VIEW: The liberal media does not let up.

Judge Rules Child Must Leave Muslim Foster Home
A girl at the centre of a care dispute was removed from her Muslim foster parents yesterday and reunited with her family as a judge urged councils to seek “culturally matched placements” for vulnerable children. The five-year-old, a native English speaker from a Christian family, was taken to her grandmother’s home after a court ruled that she should not remain in the placement organised by the London borough of Tower Hamlets. The Times UK

Uber Pulls U-turn On Controversial Tracking Of Users After Trip Has Ended
Uber will stop its controversial practice of tracking users for up to five minutes after a trip has ended, as it attempts to turn around its mired public image. A change to the Uber app due to roll out this week will allow users to share location data only when actively using the app, stopping further tracking once a trip is complete, according to Uber’s chief security officer Joe Sullivan. The change comes as Uber recruits former Expedia chief executive Dara Khosrowshahi to head the company, filling the void left by ousted Uber founder Travis Kalanick and other top executives in June. The Guardian


Houston, Take Heed From Us Katrina Survivors. This Is What Lies Ahead Of You
ouston, this time it’s you that’s got the problem. And after your kindness sheltering so many of us in the Astrodome after Hurricane Katrina, it hardly seems fair that now you’re the city going underwater. Just how big your problem will get remains to be seen. The week’s rain totals – verging on 50in – could bring devastation that is “unprecedented … unknown and beyond anything experienced”, according to the National Weather Service. Here in New Orleans we’ve had some practice with that. So here are some tips on what may lie ahead. The Guardian

Message From North Korean Missile Over Japan 'Loud And Clear': Trump
President Donald Trump warned on Tuesday that all options are on the table for the United States to respond to North Korea’s firing of a ballistic missile over northern Japan’s Hokkaido island into the sea in a new show of force. The missile test further increased tension in east Asia as U.S. and South Korean forces conducted annual military exercises on the Korean peninsula, angering Pyongyang which sees the war games as a preparation for invasion.  Reuters
VOA VIEW: North Korea will regret their move.

Gasoline Jumps 4 Percent, Oil Mixed As Storm Hits More Refineries
U.S. gasoline futures jumped 4 percent while crude prices were mixed on Tuesday after a hurricane shut down more than 19 percent of the country’s refining capacity, curbing fuel production and further bloating crude inventories. Gasoline rose still higher post-settlement, after sources told Reuters that Motiva was shuttering the largest U.S. refinery. That meant at least 3.65 million barrels per day (bpd) of refining capacity was offline, or 19.6 percent of total U.S. capacity, based on company reports and Reuters estimates. The Gulf is home to nearly half of U.S. refining capacity. Reuters

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FBI Says Lack Of Public Interest In Hillary Emails Justifies Withholding Documents
Hillary Clinton’s case isn’t interesting enough to the public to justify releasing the FBI’s files on her, the bureau said this week in rejecting an open-records request by a lawyer seeking to have the former secretary of state punished for perjury. Ty Clevenger, the lawyer, has been trying to get Mrs. Clinton and her personal lawyers disbarred for their handling of her official emails during her time as secretary of state. He’s met with resistance among lawyers, and now his request for information from the FBI’s files has been shot down. Washington Times

Sebastian Gorka, Former Trump Adviser, Placed On White House ‘Do Not Admit’ List
Former presidential deputy assistant Sebastian Gorka is no longer welcome at the White House, according to internal Secret Service emails obtained by MSNBC. Mr. Gorka officially parted ways Friday with the Trump administration on Friday, The Federalist first reported, but both sides offered conflicting accounts over the weekend as to whether he resigned or was fired. As questions linger surrounding the circumstances of his departure, however, internal Secret Service emails suggest Mr. Gorka has been deemed persona non grata at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Time will tell - nothing special about the restriction.

Congress May Dole Out Hurricane Harvey Relief In Stages
Congressional Republicans may send Hurricane Harvey aid in multiple installments rather than one large lump sum as Congress did in response to Hurricane Sandy. And it could take months for Congress to deliver, according to Republican lawmakers. As the storm continues to ravage the Texas coast, talks are underway in Congress on delivering money to help Houston and other areas around the Gulf Coast recover from the devastating storm.  POLITICO

Why Didn't Officials Order The Evacuation Of Houston?
As Hurricane Harvey churned toward the Texas coast, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner told people to stay put. Don't evacuate, he said. Ride out the storm. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott sounded a different note, telling Houstonians that if he were living in the area, he'd head north. "If you have the ability to evacuate and go someplace else for a little while, that would be good." Local officials, in response, doubled down on their advice: Don't go. The decision has come under scrutiny. NPR
VOA VIEW: Time will tell whether the decision was sound.

Health Groups Demand 'R' Rating For Movies That Show Smoking
A group of America's leading health organizations is demanding that any movie that depicts smoking or tobacco use come with an "R" rating. The demand is in response to a recent report by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that found there has been no progress in reducing the number of tobacco scenes in youth-rated movies. In 2012, the U.S. Surgeon General established a cause-and-effect link between smoking in movies and the likelihood kids would pick up the deadly habit. UPI

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Virginia Received DHS Warning Before Charlottesville Rally
The Department of Homeland Security issued a confidential warning to law enforcement authorities three days before the deadly Aug. 12 Charlottesville protest rally, saying that an escalating series of clashes had created a powder keg that would likely make the event “among the most violent to date” between white supremacists and anarchists. The “law enforcement sensitive” assessment, obtained by POLITICO and reported for the first time, raises questions about whether Charlottesville city and Virginia state authorities dropped the ball before, and during, a public event that was widely expected to draw huge crowds of armed, emotional and antagonistic participants from around the country. POLITICO

Trump's Business Dealings Come Back To Haunt Him
Donald Trump the man has always been indistinguishable from Donald Trump the business, and since winning the election last November, both have been indistinguishable from Donald Trump the president. That creates a range of problems, from the legal to the ethical to the logistical. In the latest instance, the porous boundary between Trump’s business and political lives is a new front in the investigation into his ties to Russia. The Atlantic

Ann Coulter Says She’d Blame Hurricane On Lesbian Mayor Before Climate Change
It wouldn’t be a devastating storm without someone trying to blame the gays! Yes, everyone, Ann Coulter is back at it. This time the right-wing media pundit is using Twitter to insinuate that “Houston electing a lesbian mayor” is a more likely explanation for Hurricane Harvey than climate change. Yep, you read that right. The mayor in question is Houston’s Annise Parker, one of the first openly gay mayors of a major U.S. city, who served from 2010-2016. Coulter is no stranger to making anti-gay claims. She’s previously said that “gay marriage is not a civil right” and stated that sexually active gay men should “feel guilty about it.” Huffington Post
VOA VIEW: Blaming Harvey on any one thing or person is not wise.

Developer Who Promised Russian Help For Trump Project Was Behind Failed Fort Lauderdale Condo
Investors said they thought Donald Trump was the brains behind a condo tower in Fort Lauderdale that went belly-up during the recession, sparking more than a dozen lawsuits and millions of dollars in losses. But in reality all they were getting was Trump’s name. The team that actually spearheaded the development included Felix Sater, a Moscow-born real estate broker who worked with the Trump Organization in New York and is now mixed up in Trump’s Russia troubles.  Miami Herald

He Survived Hurricane Katrina, Now He's Had To Evacuate Houston
Much of Beaumont, Texas, is an island, with major roads cut off by floodwaters. John Livious is standing in front of a hotel, looking out as rescue trucks navigate the flooded road in. Conditions here are getting worse. "Winds picking up. Rain getting heavier. Water rising. Very bad sight," he says. "Wouldn't wish this on anyone." Livious came here to escape rising water in Houston early Sunday. Evacuating was an easy call he says. "Gotta go with your gut," Livious says. "After what I experienced. I ain't climbing through no attic and waiting for no boat to come get me off the roof again. Period." NPR

Congress Mulls Options For Harvey Relief
Congress is beginning to consider possible strategies for providing relief to the areas hardest hit by Hurricane Harvey, even as a full accounting of the devastation wrought by one of the worst storms in decades is still days or weeks away. Some lawmakers have proposed tackling Harvey relief in pieces – quickly passing a "down payment" ahead of a more comprehensive relief package later, similar to the strategy following Hurricane Katrina. US News & World Report

Pakistan Postpones Top U.S. Diplomat Visit Following Criticism In Trump Afghanistan Speech
U.S. President Donald Trump’s announcement last week that his administration will pressure Islamabad to stop harboring Islamic terrorists has reportedly induced Pakistan to postpone a visit by a top U.S. diplomat. “At the request of the Government of Pakistan, Acting Assistant Secretary [of State Alice] Wells’ trip has been postponed until a mutually convenient time,” an unnamed spokesperson for the U.S. Embassy in Islamabad told Reuters. Breitbart

Mysterious Jets Over Philly Were Actually Saudi Arabian Aircraft
We’re learning more about the five planes flying in formation Monday night over the Philadelphia and South Jersey area. A spokesperson for the FAA told KYW Newsradio on Monday that the group of jets flying in formation was a “military operation.” What does that mean exactly? We now know they were Saudi Arabian aircraft headed back home by way of Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst in Burlington County, according to officials at the base. CBS

Conservative Media Casts Comey Testimony As Clearing Trump
Former FBI director Jim Comey’s testimony on Capitol Hill either completely vindicated President Donald Trump or further implicated him. That depends on which media is reporting the story. According to many right-wing outlets, Comey not only cleared Trump by confirming that he was not personally under investigation, he also helped stir up old drama around the FBI probe into Hillary Clinton's emails and admitted he orchestrated leaks to the media after his firing.  POLITICO
VOA VIEW: Comey will prove to be a liar and opportunist.

Mattis: Trans Troops Can Continue To Serve—For Now
Defense Secretary James Mattis said on Tuesday that transgender individuals will be able to continue serving in the military pending the results of study conducted by a group of experts on the issue. “Once the panel reports its recommendations and following my consultation with the secretary of Homeland Security, I will provide my advice to the president concerning implementation of his policy direction,” Mattis said in a statement, appearing to slow-roll the implementation of a Trump-ordered ban on transgender individuals serving in the military. The Daily Beast

Harvey Creates A River Of Fire Ants In Texas
A river full of nightmares has materialized in Texas' Gulf Coast thanks to Tropical Storm Harvey. The photo of what appears to show a river filled with fire ants was taken by the aunt of Twitter user Bill O'Zimmerman, who tweeted it Monday morning. The tweet quickly went viral and has collected more than 2,500 retweets. Mounds of fire ants have become one of Harvey's creepiest storylines after other videos and photos of the insects joining together as rafts were shared on social media. Houston Chronicle

‘We Were Never Closed’: Joel Osteen’s Houston Megachurch Disputes Claims That It Shut Its Doors
Joel Osteen, Houston’s celebrity televangelist, pushed back against accusations that he closed off his 606,000-square-foot megachurch amid a flooding crisis that has displaced thousands of residents. He tweeted Tuesday that he and his wife Victoria “care deeply about our fellow Houstonians,” adding that “Lakewood’s doors are open and we are receiving anyone who needs shelter.”  Washington Post

Britain Calls For Further Sanctions On North Korea In Wake Of Missile Test
The UN Security Council is holding an emergency meeting to discuss how to respond to North Korea's launch of a ballistic missile over Japan. It comes less than a month after the council imposed its toughest-yet sanctions on Pyongyang. Before the closed-door discussion Tuesday evening at U.N. headquarters, ambassadors from several countries said they aimed to weigh what next steps to take and emerge with a unified reaction. Japanese Ambassador Koro Bessho says his country feels a need to put more pressure on North Korea but will discuss how to do it. U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley says that "something serious has to happen" but hasn't specified what. Telegraph

Special Counsel Subpoenas Manafort's Former Attorney And Spokesman
Special Counsel Robert Mueller has issued subpoenas to a former lawyer for Paul Manafort and to Manafort's current spokesman, an aggressive tactic that suggests an effort to add pressure on the former Trump campaign chairman. The subpoenas seeking documents and testimony were sent to Melissa Laurenza, an attorney with the Akin Gump law firm who until recently represented Manafort, and to Jason Maloni, who is Manafort's spokesman, according to people familiar with the matter. Manafort is under investigation for possible tax and financial crimes, according to US officials briefed on the investigation. CNN
VOA VIEW: Mueller does not have clean hands - anti Trump.

Whole Foods Overall Prices Still High After Selective Cuts: Analyst
Whole Foods shoppers may be premature in cheering’s (AMZN.O) steep price cuts on staples like bananas, avocados and beef, according to one analysis released on Tuesday that suggested the premium grocery chain has not yet shed its “Whole Paycheck” reputation for lofty prices. Reuters

Trump Unusually Silent After Aides Challenge Him
President Donald Trump is not happy with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Gary Cohn, director of the National Economic Council, for publicly criticizing his response to violence in Charlottesville, Virginia. But it appears there is little he is planning to do about it, according to people who have spoken to him. The unusually direct challenges from a Cabinet secretary and senior administration official seemed to make little more than a surface ripple in the swirling melodrama of the Trump White House, even as the president fumed privately about it. POLITICO

Christie Says Federal Aid For Harvey Victims Should Not Be ‘Held Political Hostage’
Gov. Chris Christie on Tuesday urged quick passage of a federal relief package for victims of Hurricane Harvey, saying aid for Texans should not be “held political hostage” like it was for Hurricane Sandy, which battered New Jersey in 2012. It took more than 65 days for Congress to vote on the Sandy relief package, Christie said, and federal lawmakers are running up against a Sept. 30 deadline to fund the government and must raise the debt ceiling by early October. “The federal government should not be arguing with the people of Texas and with Congress about how to get this done. POLITICO

Hurricane Harvey Survivor Lashes Out At CNN Reporter
A shaken Hurricane Harvey survivor lashed out Tuesday at a CNN reporter interviewing victims at a Houston shelter. CNN correspondent Rosa Flores asked a mother, identified as Danielle, about how it was to protect her children from rushing flood waters. But Danielle, who had just arrived at the shelter, clearly wasn’t having it. “We walked through four feet of water to go get them food on the first day,” the mother said. “Yeah, that’s a lot of s--t.” “But y’all sit here, y’all trying to interview people during their worst times. Like, that’s not the smartest thing to do,” “I’m sorry,” Flores responds. NY Daily News

ACLU, DOJ Settle Legal Challenge Against Trump Travel Ban
The legal challenge launched by the American Civil Liberties Union against President Trump’s first travel ban has finally been settled — but the terms have not been disclosed. Attorneys for both the ACLU and the Department of Justice agreed on an undisclosed deal Tuesday after holding closed-door discussions for months, according to court documents. The terms of the agreement are expected to be made public on Thursday before Brooklyn federal court Magistrate Judge Louis Bloom. The proposed class action was the initial legal response to the Trump ?administration’s January executive order banning travel from seven Muslim-majority countries. NY Post

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