Sessions: 'We Need To Eliminate Illegality In Our Immigration System'
Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been leading President Donald Trump's efforts to crack down on the brutal street gang MS-13. Tucker Carlson sat down with Sessions during a trip to El Salvador, where many MS-13 gang members come from, to discuss how we can stop them from entering the U.S. "We need the wall and we need better enforcement at the border and we need to be able to deport people rapidly who enter the country illegally," Sessions said. He added that another problem is that under our current system, unaccompanied illegal immigrant minors - some of whom are MS-13 members - are turned over to the Department of Health and Human Services and taken to their "destination city" in the U.S. Fox
VOA VIEW: Illegal immigration is costly to all Americans.

Milestone For Trump: 1 Million New Jobs In Six Months
The U.S. economy added a strong 209,000 jobs in July, more than economists had expected. The unemployment rate fell to 4.3%, matching a 16-year low. Just after the Great Recession in 2009, unemployment peaked at 10%. "The economy is looking pretty good," said Cathy Barrera. Many economists say the United States is at or near "full employment," meaning the unemployment rate won't go down significantly more. The job market continues to be one of the main strengths of the U.S. economy. July was the 82nd consecutive month of job growth. CNN
VOA VIEW: Liberals like CNN do not like the good positive news.

Donald Trump Is Going On A 17-Day Vacation. Who Cares?
President Donald Trump is set to depart the White House later today for a 17-day working vacation at his golf club in New Jersey. Trump's vacation, as The Washington Post's Philip Bump notes, is twice as long as the vacation President Barack Obama took to Martha's Vineyard in his first year in office -- and will mean Trump has spent 53 "leisure" days through August 2017 as compared to 15 for Obama through August 2009. CNN
VOA VIEW: Obama was on vacation for 8 years.

Black Unemployment Rate Nearly Lowest It's Been Since 2000
Although the national unemployment rate for July was 4.3%, the unemployment rate for black workers was nearly double that of white workers, but it was also at a rate for blacks not seen since December 2000, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). In addition, the June unemployment rate for blacks of 7.1% was nearly at a level only seen once in the last 45 years -- 7.0% in April 2000. CNS
VOA VIEW: Liberals don't like to hear good black news.


MS-13 Isn't The Only Homicidal Street Gang In Town - Meet Barrio 18
In early March of 2016, the bodies of eight electrical company employees and three farmers were found hacked-up and bullet-riddled near a desolate field in El Salvador’s San Juan Opico municipality. The wanton force involved – the killers used machetes and machine guns – bore all the hallmarks of MS-13, or Mara Salavtrucha, the uber-violent street gang that started in California but has since spread like a plague throughout Central America. Fox

Sen. Corker Blasts WH Leakers: Fire All Of Them, ‘They Are Disloyal To Our Government!’
Senators Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) expressed their strong disapproval of the newest batch of leaks from the White House during a Thursday press briefing on Capitol Hill, calling for the punishment and termination of the people responsible for the leaks and stressing that these people are “disloyal to our government.” CNS
VOA VIEW: A good report.

Former Drug Company Executive Martin Shkreli Is Convicted Of Fraud
 Former drug company executive Martin Shkreli was convicted of securities fraud by jurors in a U.S. court in Brooklyn on Friday, after a highly publicized, monthlong trial. Federal prosecutors had accused the 34-year-old of defrauding investors in his hedge funds and stealing from his old drug company, Retrophin Inc (RTRX.O), to pay them back. Reuters

High Interest Rates, Quick Repossessions Dog Auto Buyers With Poor Credit
High interest rates, rising repossessions and severe mechanical issues — for consumers with bad credit, buying a car can be a minefield. Through interviews with a dozen borrowers who used subprime loans to buy vehicles and reviews of more than 100 online complaints, the Tampa Bay Times found some troubling practices in a little-supervised industry. Tampa Tribune
VOA VIEW: Individuals with bad credit should  not get deals.

Ex-Doc Is Neighbor From Hell Who Won’t Stop Tormenting Us: Suit
A former physician who lost her medical license for refusing to submit to a psych exam is now treating her Upper West Side neighbors to a regimen of terror, according to a lawsuit. Sarah Bond, Elizabeth Pollack and Sarah Weiss “are unable to enter or exit their apartment, entertain guests, wait for the elevator, take out the trash and generally go about their lives without fear of harassment and stalking by the 4G tenant,” they say in court papers. New York Post

Mueller Seeks White House Documents On Flynn
Investigators working for the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, recently asked the White House for documents related to the former national security adviser Michael T. Flynn, and have questioned witnesses about whether he was secretly paid by the Turkish government during the final months of the presidential campaign, according to people close to the investigation. New York Times
VOA VIEW: The NYT likes any news that attempts to make Trump look bad.

As Jeff Sessions Announces Leak Crackdown, Here Are 12 Major Leaks Of The Trump Era
Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Friday decried the "staggering number" of leaks since President Trump took office in January, and announced a broad crackdown on the unauthorized disclosures of classified information.  USA Today
VOA VIEW: It's time to punish the bad guys or gals.


With Military Discipline Imposed, Trump Getting More Time For Decisions
Donald Trump's choice of a general as chief of staff has quickly brought more order to the White House and is giving the president more time to ponder decisions as he tries to bounce back from a rocky six months with no major legislative achievements. But John Kelly, a retired four-star Marine Corps general with an intimidating air, still has many challenges to confront to stem the chaos that has raged at the White House since Trump took office in January, not least the Republican president's free-wheeling style. Reuters
VOA VIEW: Only liberals use the word chaos.

Sessions Says Trump Administration Has Tripled Number Of Leak Probes
The Trump administration is taking new steps to plug leaks of classified information, and it has tripled the number of criminal investigations involving illegal disclosures, top officials announced Friday. The officials — Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats — appeared at the Justice Department to discuss a stepped-up enforcement effort against what Sessions called a "staggering number of leaks" that undermine "the ability of our government to protect this country." MSNBC
VOA VIEW: This report makes MSNBC cringe.

Michelle Carter Was ‘Wrongfully Convicted’ In Texting Suicide Case, Amanda Knox Says
The Massachusetts woman who was convicted of goading her boyfriend by text to kill himself got a shout out of support Friday from another young woman who was trapped in the eye of a news storm — Amanda Knox. "When I was on trial for murder in Italy, the media tried to paint me as a 'femme fatale,'" Knox wrote in an opinion piece for the Los Angeles Times. "So it was with a sickening sense of déjà vu that I watched the prosecution attempt the same trick with (Michelle) Carter." MSNBC

Wells Fargo Pays $108 Million On Fraud Claim By Atlanta Whistleblowers
Wells Fargo & Co. has agreed to pay $108 million to the federal government to settle two metro Atlanta whistleblowers’ allegations that the bank charged fraudulent fees on veterans’ home refinancing loans. Atlanta Journal

Tinder Date Turned One Texas Man's Life Into A Living Hell
A Houston man is seeking $200,000 from a former Tinder date he claims defamed him online and cost him his job. Joseph Lazarus, 32,  broke up with the woman he matched with on Tinder in 2014 and since then, he claims the woman has spread lies about him online and to two former employers, according to Harris County District Court documents filed Wednesday by Lazarus' attorney Joseph Mathew. Houston Chronicle
VOA VIEW: It's time to legally punish those who use fraudulent social media claims.

Low-Flying Military Planes Could Startle Some Charlotteans On Saturday
No need to dive into a ditch or call 911 when low-flying military planes suddenly come into view over Charlotte on Saturday. “The military is not taking over,” joked Capt. Monica Ebert of the North Carolina Air National Guard. All eight C-130 Hercules planes in the Guard’s 145th Airlift Wing will fly in formation to train and to celebrate the 46-year mission of the C-130 unit. Charlotte Observer

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112-Year-Old Mystery Solved? Indiana Madam May Have Inspired Famous Song
At the crux of the mystery is a woman named Sal. Or, at least, that's the professional name of the woman immortalized in the famous 1905 song that was later turned into the movie "My Gal Sal." Indy Star

Seven People Hospitalized After Suspicious Package Is Opened At IRS Building In KC
Several people were reportedly sickened Friday morning after a package smelling of ammonia was opened inside the IRS building near Union Station. Kansas City firefighters were called to the building in the 300 block of West Pershing Road about 9:45 a.m. Friday. Officials said about 10 people were treated for symptoms such as nausea and vomiting. Kansas City Star

Al Gore On Miami’s Future, New Sequel To His Climate Movie And Donald Trump
This weekend when theaters nationwide begin showing “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power,” former Vice President Al Gore’s follow-up to his Oscar-winning documentary on climate change, Miami appears as a key supporting cast member. Miami Herald

Cheetahs Strip Club Drops Lawsuit Against City Over Adult-Entertainment Permit
Cheetahs strip club has dropped its lawsuit that had accused the San Diego Police Department of unfairly revoking its adult-entertainment license. A spokesman for the City Attorney’s Office said Friday the city will be seeking full recovery of its costs connected to the litigation. San Diego Tribune

Trump, McMaster Meet Amid Purge Of National Security Staffers, Susan Rice Revelation
National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster met with President Trump Thursday amid his purge of Trump loyalists from the White House national security council, a heated debate about sending more U.S. troops to Afghanistan and a report that he allowed former Obama administration aide Susan E. Rice to keep her security clearance. Gen. McMaster sent a letter to Ms. Rice in April giving her unfettered and continuing access to classified information and waiving the “need-to-know” requirement on anything she viewed or received during her tenure as President Obama’s national security adviser. A copy of the letter was obtained by Circa; Mr. Trump reportedly was not aware of Gen. McMaster’s action. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Trump was not too happy with McMasters.

With No Big Wins, Republicans Leave Capitol Hill Counting Small Steps Toward Government Reform
Republicans haven’t scored a marquee legislative win for President Trump, but as they prepare to leave Capitol Hill for their summer vacation, they insist they have made serious gains on many nuts-and-bolts bills to reshape the government. Failure to get a health care bill passed was a significant blow, and tax reform — the other big-ticket reform that congressional Republicans had pledged — is struggling to gain footing. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Republicans with Trump have had major accomplishments.

Inside The Gun Violence Epidemic On Chicago's South Side
Chicago faces an epidemic of gun violence. This year alone, more than 2,100 people have been shot, more than 400 killed. The Fourth of July weekend was especially violent. Around 100 people were shot in just over four days. Adriana Diaz gained unique access to some of Chicago's toughest neighborhoods and crews that weekend for "CBSN: On Assignment." CBS News


Deportation Of 2 Immigrants Who Entered U.S. Illegally Sparks Outrage In Maryland
Two local brothers were sent back to their native country after appearing at a regular check-in with immigration officials, CBS Baltimore reports. The family of Lizandro and Diego Claros is at a loss for words. Their mother nearly collapsed hours after being hit with the crushing news. When they thought they had it all, family and friends said it was ripped away. They were living the American dream, but have now been deported. CBS

Sessions Vows Review Of 'media Subpoenas' Amid Ramped-Up Leak Investigations
Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued a warning Friday to members of the media, promising a review of the subpoena policy regarding leaks of classified information and characterizing the publication of such materials as an action that "place[s] lives at risk." He also warned that the federal government was "taking a stand" against the "culture of leaking" and took a moment during his prepared remarks to speak directly to "would-be leakers." ABC

Wells Fargo Says It May Find ‘Significantly’ More Fake Accounts
Wells Fargo & Co., reeling from a scandal over fake accounts that erupted in September, said it’s expanding a review that could lead to the bank finding “significantly” more cases. The bank’s “reasonably possible” legal charges could surpass its reserves by $3.3 billion as of June 30, up from an estimate of $2 billion at the end of March, the San Francisco-based lender said in a regulatory filing Friday. The company also disclosed a new investigation into a separate matter by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Bloomberg

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Kim Jong Un’s Big Nuclear Push Is Closing In On America
Kim Jong Un has sped up North Korea’s nuclear program since he took power in late 2011, testing more powerful weapons and developing longer-range missiles to carry them. On July 28, North Korea tested an intercontinental ballistic missile called the Hwasong-14 for the second time in a month. Kim declared the launch a success, and claimed that the entire U.S. territory was now within range of his missiles. The U.S. and Japan hit out at China and Russia after the test, calling them “economic enablers’’ of North Korea. Bloomberg

Solid Hiring In July Cuts Unemployment Rate To 4.3 Percent
U.S. employers added 209,000 jobs in July, a second straight month of robust gains that underscore the economy's vitality as it enters a ninth year of expansion. The unemployment rate slipped to 4.3 percent from 4.4 percent, matching a 16-year low first reached in May, the Labor Department said Friday. But growth in Americans' paychecks — a persistent weak spot since the recovery began in June 2009 — remains stubbornly slow. Average hourly pay rose by 2.5 percent from a year earlier, the same tepid annual pace as in June. That's below the 3.5 percent to 4 percent that is typical when the unemployment rate is this low. Las Vegas Sun

Trump Whips Up Supporters Against Russia Probe
President Donald Trump said Thursday he hopes for a "truly honest" outcome from the Russia investigation that has consumed the opening months of his presidency, and he challenged Democrats to either continue their "obsession with a hoax" or begin serving the interests of the American people. At a boisterous campaign rally in Trump-friendly West Virginia, Trump slammed the investigation as a "fake story that is demeaning to all of us and most of all demeaning to our country and demeaning to our Constitution." He commented hours after news broke that Robert Mueller, the special counsel leading the investigation, had empaneled a grand jury in the case. Las Vegas Sun

Research Casts Doubt On Medication Expiration Dates On Bottles
The expiration dates on over-the-counter and prescription medications seem pretty black and white, but there's some question about whether drugs last even longer. Expiration dates typically range from 12 to 60 months after production. But manufacturers aren't required to determine how long they'll remain potent after that, enabling them to set their own expiration dates and possibly shortchange consumers. UPI

North Korea At High Risk For Humanitarian Crisis
North Korea is one of the world's top 30 countries at risk of experiencing a humanitarian crisis, according to the Inter-Agency Standing Committee. The IASC, the primary body for inter-agency coordination of humanitarian assistance that is affiliated with the United Nations, stated in its annual risk management report North Korea ranked 30 among 191 countries, for its vulnerability to crisis and natural disasters, Voice of America reported Friday. UPI

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The Legacy Of Israel's First Arab Supreme Court Judge
In a country where Israeli Arabs rarely even try to reach the higher echelons of government, Salim Joubran, who retired from the bench on Thursday, was the country’s first Arab Supreme Court justice, a post he had held since 2003. He also headed the Central Elections Committee during 2013 municipal and 2015 national elections. For the last two months, he served as deputy president of the Supreme Court. His daughter was the first Israeli Arab to complete the Foreign Ministry’s cadet course. Jerusalem Post
VOA VIEW: Isael gives much more than Arabs would ever.

Politiciana Challenge Netanyahu To Rebuild Destroyed Settlements
ight-wing politicians challenged Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to rebuild the four northern Samaria settlements that were destroyed during the 2005 Disengagement. "The Israeli government must redress the terrible injustice that was committed here 12 years ago,” said Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely. She was one of 13 parliamentarians, including two ministers, who on Thursday traveled to the ruins of the former Sa-Nur settlement, that had once been home to 43 families. Jerusalem Post

US Attorney General Says Four Charged In Crackdown On Leaks
Jeff Sessions said the suspects were accused of divulging classified material or concealed contacts with foreign intelligence officers. America's top prosecutor said the administration has tripled the number of active leak probes since January. President Donald Trump has criticised Mr Sessions as "very weak" on leaks. Leaks 'staggering'. BBC

Secret Service Quits Trump Tower In Dispute Over Lease
The federal agency which protects US presidents has been renting office space in the Midtown Manhattan skyscraper since 2015. But its representatives are baulking at the cost and other unspecified rental terms, reports the Washington Post. The Trump Organization said the agency should look elsewhere. Since Mr Trump became a front-runner in the presidential race two years ago, the Secret Service has stationed its command post in a unit one floor below his triplex residence. BBC

Trump Blasts Russia Investigation As Mueller Convenes Grand Jury
Donald Trump has sought to rally thousands of diehard supporters against the investigation into his campaign’s alleged collusion with Russia – on the same day news emerged that the special counsel, Robert Mueller, has convened a grand jury in the case. “They’re trying to cheat you out of the leadership that you want with a fake story,” Trump told a rally in Huntington, West Virginia. The Guardian

Is Trump Finally About To Act On America's Opioid Crisis?
If Donald Trump declares America’s opioid addiction crisis a national emergency, as a White House commission urged him to do earlier this week, it could mark a dramatic escalation in the administration’s response. “Think what we would do in this country if Zika and Ebola were taking 100 lives every single day,” said Gary Mendell, the CEO of Shatterproof, a nonprofit working to end addiction. “We would call it a national emergency and we would marshal all the resources of federal agencies to attack the issue,” Mendell told the Guardian. “And that’s what needs to happen here.” The Guardian

Leased Maryland Train Cars Leave Some LIRR Riders Perplexed
Your eyes aren’t experiencing signal trouble — those really are Maryland trains picking up commuters this summer on the Port Jefferson line. The Long Island Rail Road leased eight cars from the Maryland Area Regional Commuter system for the first time to expand its fleet and alleviate summer crowding, officials said. The pilot program cost the railroad $670,000 and will last through the end...Newsday

'El Chapo' Wants Charges Against Him Dropped, Court Filings Say
Accused Mexican drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman has asked a federal judge in Brooklyn to dismiss charges against him because he’s imprisoned in solitary conditions that amount to “torture” and that Mexico did not agree to as part of his extradition. Newsday

EU Could Compromise On Giving UK Access To Single Market Post-Brexit, Irish Prime Minister Suggests
The European Union could compromise over giving Britain access to the Single Market and Customs Union after Brexit, the Irish Prime Minister has suggested. Leo Varadkar suggested that the EU could enter into a "deep" free trade agreement with the UK after Brexit and still enjoy access to the Single Market. Telegraph

British Tourists Warned To Take Care As 40C Heatwave Sweeps Across Europe
The heatwave nicknamed "Lucifer" has seen temperatures soar to over 40C across Europe, causing wildfires, drought, and chaos over the continent. Greece, Croatia, Italy, France and Spain are among the countries that have been labouring under intense heat, in Europe's hottest summer for a decade. European weather hub Meteoalarm has issued its highest grade "red" warnings for 10 countries. Telegrpah

Google Drops Firm Reviewing YouTube Videos
EARLIER THIS YEAR, after multiple reports that ads appeared with YouTube videos promoting hate and terrorism, several big brands, including Walmart, PepsiCo, and Verizon quit the video company's ad network. In response, YouTube parent Google increased both the number of "ads quality raters"—the people who spend hours watching YouTube looking for violence, profanity, even death—and the volume of videos those raters viewed. Wired

The iPhone Of Cars
GOT A GRAND burning a hole in your pocket? We’ve got two ideas for you. You could drop it on a preorder for the Tesla Model 3, the affordable electric car Elon Musk’s been building for a decade. Or you could buy the new iPhone Apple’s (probably) going to (likely) announce (reportedly) this fall. Michael and Arielle discuss both, first with Jack Stewart, who attended Tesla’s launch, and later with David Pierce, who has strong feelings about iPhone prices. Spoiler alert: Both new gizmos are cool, but so is a thousand bucks. Wired

DR Congo: UN Report Indicates Government Participation In Ethnic Massacres In Kasai
Violence in the Kasai provinces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) appears to be taking on an increasingly disturbing ethnic dimension, a United Nations human rights wing has warned, citing testimonies that Government forces have led ethnicity-based attacks. "Survivors have spoken of hearing the screams of people being burned alive, of seeing loved ones chased and cut down, of themselves fleeing in terror. Such bloodletting is all the more horrifying because we found indications that people are increasingly being targeted because of their ethnic group,?" said UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra?fad Al Hussein in a news release from his Office (OHCHR). UN News

ISIL's 'Genocide' Against Yazidis Is Ongoing, UN Rights Panel Says, Calling For International Action
Marking three years since the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL/Da'esh) attacked the Yazidis in Syria, a United Nations-mandated inquiry has called for justice and rescue plans. “The Commission of Inquiry calls on the international community to recognize the crime of genocide being committed by ISIL against the Yazidis and to undertake steps to refer the situation to justice,” said the expert panel in a statement marking the third anniversary of ISIL's attack on the Yazidis. UN News

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