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Upset About Failed ObamaCare Votes, Trump Calls On Changes From Senate Republicans
In the aftermath of the Senate’s failed ObamaCare votes, President Trump on Saturday urged leaders of the GOP-controlled chamber to change the rules to a simple 51-vote majority to pass legislation, saying they are “looking like fools” and calling the 60-vote requirement a “joke.” The Senate this week tried and failed on several measures to pass legislation to repeal and replace ObamaCare, dealing Trump a major loss in his efforts to end the 2010 health care law. Fox
VOA VIEW: Republicans look bad.

Conservatives Hold Out Hope On ObamaCare Repeal As GOP Leaders Move To Tax Reform
Conservative lawmakers still are holding out hope that Congress can strike a deal to repeal ObamaCare after the latest plan failed in the Senate, as Republican leaders signal they are ready to move on and focus on tax reform. Senate Republicans have spent the summer repeatedly -- yet unsuccessfully -- trying to pass legislation that eliminates or overhauls former President Barack Obama’s 2010 health care law. Fox

McCain's Thumbs Down Caps Contentious Relationship With Trump
With the tilt of his thumb, Sen. John McCain got the last laugh. John McCain's maverick moment McCain -- with a simple, yet dramatic, thumbs down on the Senate floor in the wee hours of Friday morning -- signaled to the Senate, his colleagues and the rest of the United States that he was not prepared to go along with the latest Republican plan to repeal and replace Obamacare. CNN
VOA VIEW: CNN is trying to divide McCain and Trump.

MS-13 Members: Trump Makes The Gang Stronger
The first time members of the MS-13 street gang attacked Margarita's teenage son in suburban New York, they beat him with a baseball bat. The young man had immigrated from El Salvador three months earlier to join his mother in Nassau County, Long Island. The gang had harassed him in El Salvador because he refused to join them. Now, in his new home, they were upping the stakes. CNN
VOA VIEW: CNN wants to push their liberal agenda.


Hollywood Invokes ‘God’ To ‘Bless’ John McCain for Saving Obamacare
Liberal Hollywood celebrities are showering Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) with love for casting a decisive vote as one of three Republican Senators who derailed a bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act health care law (Obamacare). Rosie O’Donnell and Cher actually invoked God to bless McCain for turning on his party and voting against the bill to undo major financial burdens and requirements mandated by Obamacare. CNS
VOA VIEW: Idiots!

Trump’s Promised Pipeline Passes Final Environmental Impact Review
Building the Atlantic Coast Pipeline will have a “less than significant environmental impact,” a final regulatory assessment released Friday concludes. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s report will play a major role in the Commission’s decision this coming Fall to allow construction of the infrastructure project President Donald Trump promised to deliver. CNS

Struggling To govern, Trump Faces Growing Republican Unease
As fellow Republicans labored to repeal Obamacare this week, U.S. President Donald Trump repeatedly swerved off-topic, escalating concerns in his party about his ability to govern the country six months after taking office. While senators grappled with healthcare, Trump banned transgender people from the military. He regaled a Boy Scout jamboree with a tale from a New York cocktail party. He indulged an obscene tirade by his flamboyant new communications director. Reuters
VOA VIEW: Liberal propaganda.

Wells Fargo cuts 69 Executive Jobs
Wells Fargo & Co (WFC.N) said on Friday it is cutting 69 executive jobs at its retail unit, as part of a restructuring in the division. Some of the executives will retire with benefits while others may find positions elsewhere within the bank, said Wells Fargo spokesman Paul Gomez. Some of the executives may leave the bank, Gomez added. "We have just completed the process of consolidating the Regional President and Area President roles into a new position, Region Bank President," Mary Mack, senior executive vice president for community banking, said in an internal memo seen by Reuters. There will be 91 executives in the position that was newly created as part of the reorganization. Reuters


Scaramucci Rising: Anti-Leak Crusader Curries Favor With Trump
 Generating headlines is President Donald Trump’s forte, but in less than a week on the job, "Scaramucci" is the name on everyone’s lips. The rising profiles of staffers have been enough to doom their relationships with the man in the Oval Office before. But for now, the war that new White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci is waging against "leaks" in the White House is a fight Trump wants to have. MSNBC

Trump To Police: ‘Don’t Be Too Nice’ To Suspects
President Donald Trump told the nation’s law enforcement officers on Friday not to be "too nice" to suspected violent criminals. "When you see these thugs being thrown into the back of a paddy wagon — you just see them thrown in, rough," Trump said during a rally in Suffolk County, New York. "I said, 'Please don't be too nice.'" "Like when you guys put somebody in the car and you're protecting their head," Trump continued. "The way you put their hand over — like, don't hit their head and they just killed somebody, don't hit their head. I said, 'You can take the hand away, OK?'" MSNBC
VOA VIEW: Good point - bad suggestion from the president.

Trump’s Treasury Nixes Struggling Obama-Era Government-Run Retirement Program
The Treasury Department said Friday that it’s canceling an Obama-era program designed to help Americans who don’t have access to a 401k plan at their work save for retirement, saying interest was too low to justify the expense to taxpayers. Known as myRA, the program was one of President Obama’s State of the Union promises in 2014. It was supposed to try to reach millions of Americans whose jobs didn’t offer retirement savings or pensions plans, and would invest their money in government bonds. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Vacating an Obama dumb mistake is good.

Effort Helps People Clear Their Criminal Record
Two hours before the start of a volunteer clinic in May to help people erase old criminal convictions from their records, the waiting line already is hundreds deep. The names and faces of those seeking help have a common theme – many committed isolated crimes at an early age that continue to hamstring their lives even decades later. Charlotte Observer

Amazon Didn't Kill Bookstores.
A funny thing is happening as pivots to groceries. When Amazon in June reached a deal to acquire Whole Foods, the move sent shudders through the grocery business. Grocery stocks briefly tanked as investors feared Amazon was about to destroy that industry just like it killed bookstores. Indy Star
VOA VIEW: The public will want brick and mortar stores back in good time.

Party Buses Promise A Good Time, But Some Can Be Dangerous — Even Deadly
If you’ve spent any time enjoying Kansas City’s nightlife, you’ve probably seen them: the colorful, customized buses carrying revelers to restaurants, bars and sporting events. A popular choice for bachelor and bachelorette parties, weddings, birthdays and other celebrations, party buses let riders enjoy a good time without the risks of drinking and driving. Kansas City Star

Senators Must Legislate In Spite Of Differing Opinions
In her letter to the editor published July 27, “Senators are not Republican enough,” Lois Jones excoriates Sens. Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska for their failure to vote for a repeal of the ACA. She criticizes the senators for disloyalty to both the Republican Party and President Trump. Her criticism shows a lack of understanding of the principles of governance. Miami Herald

Trump Erupts At GOP Senators: 'They Look Like fools'
A day after a years-long effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act collapsed on Capitol Hill, President Donald Trump castigated Republican senators for their inability to pass legislation. "They look like fools," Trump wrote Saturday morning on Twitter. He also renewed his demand that the Senate abolish a rule requiring 60 votes for some bills, despite the fact that the filibuster had nothing to do with the health-care bill's failure on Friday. San Francisco Gate

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Trump To sign Russia Sanctions Bill
President Trump will sign the Russia sanctions bill, the White House said late Friday, saying that he managed to win important changes to the legislation and is now satisfied with it. Press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders didn’t go into details about what those changes were, but said “based on its responsiveness to his negotiations,” Mr. Trump “intends to sign it. Washington Times

Trump Calls For End To Filibuster, Says Senate Republicans "Look Like Fools"
President Trump went after Senate Republicans in a series of tweets Saturday morning, calling for an end to the filibuster two days after the party's Obamacare repeal bill failed to attract even a majority of senators. Mr. Trump called on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to end the filibuster, which requires 60 votes to advance most legislation. The so-called "skinny repeal" bill that collapsed in the Senate early Friday morning was supported by just 49 Republican members. CBS

Some Trump Aides Push To Move Sessions From Attorney General To Homeland Security
Some senior White House aides are encouraging President Trump to move embattled Attorney General Jeff Sessions from his post as attorney general to the now-vacant leadership spot at Department of Homeland Security, ABC News has learned. ABC News
VOA VIEW: Sessions will do what he wants.

How ISIS-Trained Child Soldiers Are A Ticking Time Bomb
As the war in Mosul comes to an end and ISIS retreats, legions of young victims are being left behind. Without help, they may pose a long-term threat to the security of the region and the world at large. Children were uniquely victimized by ISIS. First, as bystanders caught in a brutal war, but more shockingly, as soldiers who were recruited, indoctrinated with a deadly ideology, then trained to kill and fight on the battlefield. As they are freed from ISIS, traumatized and untreated, they're now melting back into society -- still heavily influenced by their experience. CBS News


Another New Chief Of Staff: VP Mike Pence Swears In Nick Ayers
John Kelly, the Trump administration's newest staffer, wasn't the only chief of staff who spent Friday acclimating to his new position: So was Vice President Mike Pence's new chief of staff, Nick Ayers, who was sworn in Friday and officially assumes the role on Tuesday. ABC News

China Bets Trump Won't Resort To Military Strike On North Korea
China is betting that U.S. President Donald Trump won’t make good on his threats of a military strike against North Korea, with Beijing continuing to provide a lifeline to Kim Jong Un’s regime. Bloomberg
VOA VIEW: China is misreading Trump.

The Best Way To Increase Housing Supply? Build More
It’s widely agreed that housing markets across the U.S. are hurting for new inventory, driving up prices and postponing homeownership for young Americans. What’s driving the inventory shortage is a murkier matter. A new report from Trulia tests some popular explanations and comes to this conclusion: We’re going to have to build our way out of it. Bloomberg

'Fox & Friends' Host Forced To Issue On-Air Statement After Internment Camp Discussions
Fox & Friends host and former Fox 29 anchor Clayton Morris needed to make it clear Sunday morning that he and his co-hosts think the idea of setting up internment camps in England as a possible solution to terror attacks is “reprehensible.” “I think all of us here find that idea reprehensible here at Fox News channel,” Morris said on Sunday morning. Philadelphia Inquirer

Trump Brags About Election Win Again, Slams China In Latest Tweetstorm
President Trump continued his criticisms of China in a series of tweets Saturday night — continuing to blame Beijing for failing to keep North Korea’s nuclear ambitions in tow. “I am very disappointed in China,” Trump tweeted at 7:30 p.m. “Our foolish past leaders have allowed them to make hundreds of dollars a year in trade, yet…” New York Post
VOA VIEW: Trump is learning that China is not our friend.

Trump’s Bad Week: President Tries To Regroup As The West Wing Battles Itself
President Donald Trump enters a new phase of his presidency Monday with a new chief of staff but an old set of challenges as he seeks to get back on course after enduring one of the worst weeks any modern occupant of the Oval Office has experienced in his inaugural year in power. Seattle Times
VOA VIEW: The liberal media is pushing things our of proportion.

Guarding Trump's Mar-a-Lago Club By Air And Sea Has Cost Taxpayers $6.6 Million
As the Trump administration threatened hefty budget cuts for the U.S. Coast Guard, the military service was spending more than $6.6 million protecting the president's waterfront Mar-a-Lago Club during his seven weekend trips there this spring, documents show. The Coast Guard deployed cutters, patrol boats, helicopters and anti-terror specialists from across the country to safeguard the luxury Palm Beach, Florida, estate. Sun Sentinel

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Iran Says US Navy Fires Warning Shots Near Its Vessels
Iran's elite Revolutionary Guard said Saturday a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier fired a warning shot in an "unprofessional" confrontation with Iranian vessels, the official IRNA news agency reported. IRNA quoted a statement from the Guard as saying that the USS Nimitz and an accompanying ship came near an Iranian oil offshore platform in the Persian Gulf and a helicopter from the ship hovered near vessels manned by Iran's elite Revolutionary Guard. Las Vegas Sun

White House: Trump Will Sign Bill Sanctioning Russia, North Korea, Iran
The White House signaled late Friday that President Donald Trump will sign into law a bill to strengthen sanctions against Russia, North Korea and Iran. The bill, which the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate passed by wide margins this week, toughens sanctions on the three nations -- specifically with Russia over its presence in Ukraine and Syria, as well as the intelligence community's belief that Russia tried to influence the 2016 presidential election. UPI

Iran: Telegram Transfers Its Servers But CEO Denies It
Iran's communications and information technology minister was quoted Sunday as saying the widely used Telegram messenger service has transferred some of its servers into the country, but the encrypted application's founder swiftly denied the claim. The report from Iran's semi-official ISNA news agency quoted Mahmoud Vaezi as saying: "As a result of meetings with Telegram managers, some of its servers have been moved to the country." Tampa Tribune

Behind Legislative Collapse: An Angry Vow Fizzles For Lack Of A Viable Plan
The closing argument was a curious one: Vote yes, Republican leaders told the holdouts in their conference. We promise it will never become law. New York Times

After Seven Years Of Railing Against The Evils Of The Affordable Care Act
The party had winnowed its hopes of dismantling it down to a menu of options to appease recalcitrant lawmakers — with no more pretenses of lofty policy making, only a realpolitik plea to keep the legislation churning through the Capitol by voting to advance something, anything. USA Today
VOA VIEW: Fighting the relentless media is a struggle for all Americans.

A Scaramucci-Watchers Guide To Italian Speech
After the new White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci went on a profanity laced tirade in a conversation with New Yorker writer Ryan Lizza, Scaramucci explained that he sometimes uses “colorful language,” and many noted that this was part of his Italian heritage. Indeed, Italians are known for their passionate speech, but there are a couple of useful lessons in this scandal. Consider it my own Rosetta Stone language program for those who want to understand casual Italian. Washington Post

Photo Of Scaramucci, Priebus In Oval Office Lights Up Social Media
A photo taken Tuesday at the White House is making the rounds on social media in what some are saying is the very definition of a picture being worth a thousand words. The image began to get some notice as Anthony Scaramucci, the new White House communications director, launced a twitter, TV and online attack denouncing Reince Priebus, White House chief of staff, as a paranoid schizophrenic and a leaker of White House information. Atlanta Journal
VOA VIEW: The so-called social media must bear legal consequences for its mistakes.

Suspected MS-13 Gang Member Wanted For Murder Is Apprehended In Virginia
A suspected member of the brutal MS-13 gang wanted in connection with two area murders was apprehended early Saturday more than 1,400 miles from Houston, local law enforcement officials confirmed. Houston Chronicle

South Korea, U.S. Conduct Drills After North Korea Missile Launch
 SEOUL, South Korea, July 29 -- South Korea and the United States conducted another round of combined ballistic missile drills Saturday in a show of firepower against North Korea, their armed forces said. The live-fire exercise held along the east coast involved the South's Hyunmoo-2 and the U.S. Eight Army's Army Tactical Missile System . UPI

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Israeli Troops Raid Media Offices In Ramallah
Israeli forces raided the offices of a broadcasting station in Ramallah overnight on Friday, suspecting it of producing and distributing inciting material, the IDF said in a statement. “IDF forces raided the offices of a broadcasting station in Ramallah which is suspected of manufacturing and distributing material which incites terror,” read the statement, which added that during the raid media equipment and other documents were seized. Jerusalem Post

Radical Muslim Leader Claims Israel Plans To 'Assassinate' Him
The leader of the banned Northern Branch of the Islamic Movement in Israel Raed Salah warned Israeli officials that assassination attempts on his life will bring more hardships. In an interview to the United Arab Emirates newspaper Al Khaleej, Raed Salah warned the Israeli government and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu against making an assassination attempt on him or any of his family members. Jerusalem Post

Hamburg Supermarket Attacker 'Was Known Islamist'
"He was known as an Islamist but not a jihadist," police spokesman Andy Grote said, noting that the suspect also suffered from "psychological" issues. The man, a failed asylum seeker born in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), attacked customers at random on Friday. Police said he acted alone and he was overpowered by passers-by. BBC

Environmental Concerns Over Trump's Golf Plans At Menie
The Trump Organisation has submitted plans for a second 18-hole course at the Menie resort. If given the go-ahead, the course would be named Mary Macleod after Mr Trump's Scottish mother. Sepa wants the plans to be revised over sewage and pollution concerns. BBC

China And Russia Have 'Responsibility' For North Korea Nuclear Threat, Says US
The United States has accused China and Russia of bearing “unique and special responsibility” for North Korea’s “belligerent” pursuit of nuclear weapons, after Pyongyang tested its latest ballistic missile. North Korea conducted its second intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) test late on Friday in what it called a warning to the “beast-like US imperialists”. It came less than a month after its first such experiment, on 4 July. The Guardian

Activists Marking 100th Anniversary Of NAACP's Silent Parade See Scary Parallels
On a July day in 1917, in the face of a presidential administration seen as taking regressive steps on civil rights, nearly 10,000 black Americans walked down Fifth Avenue in New York. Wearing uniform clothing and carrying signs, demanding federal action over the lynchings of black men, they marched in total silence. The Guardian

America Loses With Trump’s Transgender Ban
There are many reasons to cringe at President Donald Trump’s decision to reinstate the ban on transgender people in the military. It’s un-American to exclude a whole group of people who are willing and able to serve. It plays to the base instincts of the president’s core supporters. It marginalizes Americans who in the last few years have made great strides to achieving legal equality. Newsday
VOA VIEW: Liberal propaganda.

Obama's Health Care Law Still Needs Some Patchwork
The health care law of the land has survived for now, but it needs help — and it needs it soon. Soaring prices and fewer choices may greet customers when they return to the Affordable Care Act's insurance marketplaces this fall, in part because insurers are facing deep uncertainty about whether the Trump administration will continue to make key subsidy payments and enforce other parts of the existing law that help control prices. Newsday

'This Is A Circus Right Now': Washington Reels As White House Chief Of Staff Forced Out
After Air Force One touched down during a rain storm in Washington, Reince Priebus, the White House chief of staff, stepped out of the plane and into a waiting blacked-out four by four. With him were Stephen Miller, senior policy adviser, and social media director Dan Scavino. Telegraph

Inside Trump's White House Part VI: The Watch-It-All-Burn, America First Bannonites
Steve Bannon has been many things: an officer in the US Navy, investment banker, director of the research project Biosphere 2, Hollywood mogul, media executive and part of a company mining and selling virtual gold in online games. His peripatetic career, jumping from one fad to the next, made him easy to dismiss as he circulated through the world of Republican politics. A “political grifter seeking to profit from the latest trend,” was how the journalist Joshua Green saw him in 2011, dismissing him as just another chancer looking for an empty set of coattails. Telegraph

Elon Musk Has Better Things To Do Than Run Tesla
WITH THE MODEL 3 finally rolling out of a bustling factory and Tesla poised to take its place among mainstream automakers, perhaps the time has come for Elon Musk to step aside from the day-today of building cars. He could focus on some of his other grand ideas for changing the transportation world: his rockets, tunnels, and hyperloops. Simply put, he possesses far too much talent and ambition to run an automaker. Wired

A Son's Race To Give His Dying Father Artificial Immortality
The first voice you hear on the recording is mine. “Here we are,” I say. My tone is cheerful, but a catch in my throat betrays how nervous I am. Then, a little grandly, I pronounce my father’s name: “John James Vlahos.” Wired

UN Chief Condemns DPR Korea's Latest Launch Of Ballistic Missile
United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres condemned today's launch of a ballistic missile of possible intercontinental range by the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK). “This is again a manifest violation of Security Council resolutions. The DPRK leadership must comply fully with its international obligations and work together with the international community to resolve the outstanding issues on the Korean Peninsula,” said the Spokesman for the Secretary-General. UN News

'None Of Us Should Stand Silent' While Civilians Suffer In Syria, Security Council Told
 Despite the remarkable hope and strength shown by most Syrians, daily life remains dangerous for millions of people across the country, a senior United Nations aid official warned today, calling for the parties to the six year conflict to stop targeting of civilians, to allow humanitarian access, and to end the “horrific” practice of besiegement. Briefing the UN Security Council via videoconference from Amman, Jordan, Deputy UN Emergency Relief Coordinator Ursula Mueller said that earlier in the day, she had visited the Azraq refugee camp, where around 35,000 refugees lived, many of whom had been there for several years. Most were women and children, she added. UN News

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