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Kellyanne Conway: Scaramucci Will 'Force The Message' Past The Garbage
Kellyanne Conway expressed high hopes that new White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci will "force the message" of the administration past the distractions. Scaramucci will "force the message through so that people stop talking about the nonsense, the garbage that doesn't create a single job" the counselor to the president said on "Justice with Judge Jeanine" Saturday. President Trump appointed Scaramucci last week amid rumours that some top White House officials were against accepting him into the West Wing. Former Communications Director Sean Spicer stepped down despite the president's hope he would stay in the role. Fox
VOA VIEW: Scaramucci may be just what the liberals may regret.

Health Care Legislation Will Continue Death Spiral Of ObamaCare, Says Rand Paul
Sen. Rand Paul on Sunday took aim at the Senate Republican health care bill, saying the legislation, in its current form, won’t work. “I think it keeps the fundamental flaw of ObamaCare, the death spiral will continue and we’re going to subsidize it,” Paul, the Kentucky Republican, told Maria Bartiromo on “Sunday Morning Futures.” Paul, who spent years working as an ophthalmologist before turning to politics, advocates for the use of association health care plans—where people would not have to individually buy insurance, but instead could purchase it through an organization or trade group—in an effort to make sure those left uninsured by the GOP health plan and ObamaCare would have medical coverage. Fox News

Trump Still Doesn't Accept Intelligence Conclusion On Russia
Newly minted White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci said on CNN's "State of the Union" Sunday that President Donald Trump still does not accept the intelligence community's conclusion that Russia attempted to influence the 2016 election. "He basically said to me, 'Hey you know, this is, maybe they did it, maybe they didn't do it,'" Scaramucci said of a recent conversation he'd had with the President about alleged Russian interference. Prior to Trump's inauguration, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence released an unclassified report showing the CIA, FBI and National Security Agency all concluded the Russian government attempted to influence the election to hurt Hillary Clinton and help Trump. CNN
VOA VIEW: Trump is a victim of the liberals and liberal media.

Huckabee Sanders: White House Supports Sanctions Bill
A day after congressional negotiators announced an agreement on a Russian sanctions bill, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said the administration was also on board. However, White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci said in an interview on CNN's "State of the Union" that President Donald Trump was still considering it. "My guess is that he's going to make that decision shortly," Scaramucci said, noting that he had just started the communications job. Scaramucci went on to say Trump was not sure Russia was behind efforts to influence the 2016 election, despite the intelligence community's assessment. But when asked about the bill on ABC's "This Week," Sanders said, "The administration is supportive of being tough on Russia, particularly in putting these sanctions in place." She said the original legislation was poorly written, but that negotiations had produced a bill with changes the administration considered necessary. CNN
VOA VIEW: CNN likes to report the negative when it comes to Trump.


U.S. Abortion Support Groups Put On More Public Face
Patricia Canon drives poor rural Kentucky women to distant abortion clinics each week, part of a national army of volunteers who are growing bolder even as abortion foes ratchet up opposition to the activists they have branded as "accomplices to murder." The Kentucky Health Justice Network, where she volunteers, is one of dozens of non-profit U.S. abortion funds providing money for procedures or covering travel costs to help women obtain abortions, particularly in states where Republican-backed laws have narrowed options.  For years, such organizations kept a low profile to avoid being targeted by abortion opponents. But now, as abortion foes have succeeded in shrinking access, advocates are working harder to grow grassroots support and taking a more public stance. Reuters

Republican Strategy On Healthcare Bill In Flux Ahead Of Vote
Republican Senate leaders aim to hold a procedural vote as early as Tuesday to take up legislation to repeal or replace Obamacare, but it remained unclear which version of the bill senators would vote on. President Donald Trump and congressional Republicans campaigned on a pledge to roll back former President Barack Obama's signature healthcare law, the 2010 Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. Senator John Thune, a member of the Republican leadership, told "Fox News Sunday" the initial vote was simply a way to open debate on the bill so that senators from both parties could offer amendments. Reuters
VOA VIEW: Democrats and liberals may end up with a surprise.

Kushner Faces Questions Monday On Russia Ties
When Jared Kushner sits down on Monday with staff of the Senate Intelligence Committee, he is expected to be questioned about his relationships with Russian officials, including his participation in a meeting last year with a Kremlin-linked lawyer. Kushner's attorney has said his client will fully cooperate. "As Mr. Kushner has been saying since March, he has been and is prepared to voluntarily cooperate and provide whatever information he has on the investigations to Congress," the lawyer, Abbe Lowell, said in a statement. Kushner will not be under oath during his appearance Monday, and the session will not be in public. MSNBC
VOA VIEW: Bet on Kushner not failing.

12 U.S. Paratroopers Hospitalized After Night Jump In Romania
Brent M. William, a spokesman for the "Atlantic Resolve" military exercises, told Romania's Agerpres news agency the accident occurred early Saturday at the Campia Turzii air base in northwest Romania. He said 500 troops jumped from C-130 Hercules planes during "a very rigorous exercise, which carries a certain level of risk."
The Cluj Military Hospital spokeswoman, Doina Baltaru, said 11 soldiers were discharged Sunday from the hospital. She said one other soldier suffered a bruised spine and would remain hospitalized up to two more days. The soldiers were participating in Saber Guardian 17, a U.S. Army Europe-led exercise, which aims to increase coordination between the U.S., Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania. MSNBC


Barrasso On Health Care: "It Should Be Done In A Bipartisan Way"
As lawmakers in Washington remain divided over the future of health care in the United States, Sen. John Barrasso, R-Wyoming, says there should be a bipartisan approach when it comes to legislation. "Should have been bipartisan when Obamacare was passed. It should be now as well," Barrasso said Sunday on "Face the Nation." "For big things that affect the country, it should be done in a bipartisan way," he added. But while Barrasso is supportive of a bipartisan effort to changing existing health care laws, he said that "with this resistance movement to President Trump and the energy in the Democrat Party," Republicans have been given the impression by top Democrats, like Chuck Schumer of New York and Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, that the GOP should "expect no cooperation" in the health care debate. CBS
VOA VIEW: Democrats look bad.

Tool To Help Police In Opioid Crisis Draws Privacy Concern
New Jersey is the latest state amid a national opioid crisis to consider allowing police and law enforcement officials to access its prescription drug monitoring database without a court order, pitting patient rights to privacy against the government's ability to investigate so-called doctor shopping. Republican state Sen. Robert Singer introduced the legislation Tuesday after discussions with a county prosecutor, arguing that the legislation will help officials target physicians who might be illicitly prescribing powerful prescription medications. "We are in a crisis in this country, and when you're in a crisis form, you have to take certain actions," Singer said. "This action is another tool in their arsenal." ABC

Lawyer: OJ Simpson 'Is On Cloud Nine' And Planning A 'Quiet' Post-Prison Life
The countdown is on for O.J. Simpson's release from Nevada's Lovelock Correctional Center, which could come as early as Oct. 1. So how is the former football star's state of mind? "Mr. Simpson is on cloud nine," his lawyer, Malcolm LaVergne, told Fox News' Jeanine Pirro during an interview Saturday night. "He obviously likes the outcome ... Everything is hung from the moon at this point." A group of four commissioners from the Nevada parole board on Thursday granted parole to Simpson after he served the minimum nine years of his 33-year sentence for a 2007 kidnapping and armed robbery incident in Las Vegas. Simpson was sentenced to prison after he allegedly led a group of men into a hotel and casino to steal sports memorabilia at gunpoint; he contended the memorabilia and other personal items belonged to him, and he denied ever holding a gun or threatening the robbery victims. ABC

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Macron's Approval Rating Slides Two Months After French Election
President Emmanuel Macron’s approval rating fell sharply in the past month as French voters were either confused by plans for the tax system, shocked by a dispute with the head of the army or unsettled by upcoming labor laws reform, an Ifop pollster told Journal du Dimanche. The rating for Macron, elected in early May, fell 10 percentage points to 54 percent this month, the second-biggest decline for a French president so soon after election. Jacques Chirac dropped 15 points from his May 1995 election to July, the Paris-based pollster said. Prime Minister Edouard Philippe’s approval rating also fell, by eight points to 56 percent. The survey for JDD was conducted by phone and online July 17-22 among 1,947 respondents; no margin of error was given. Bloomberg
VOA VIEW: Macron is a smart liberal.

Book About Nelson Mandela’s Medical Treatment Stirs Dispute
A new book by a former South African military doctor that documents Nelson Mandela's medical treatments before his 2013 death violates doctor-patient confidentiality, according to some relatives of the anti-apartheid leader and Nobel laureate. But the retired doctor, Vejay Ramlakan, said in an interview this weekend on the eNCA news channel that the Mandela family had requested that the book be written. While Ramlakan declined to say which family members had given permission for the book, his remarks could indicate continuing rifts in a family whose members have feuded over the years on issues such as inheritance. The book, "Mandela's Last Years," covers Mandela's health while he was imprisoned during white minority rule, during his tenure as South Africa's first black president and in retirement. It also focuses on the dramatic final months of Mandela's life, when he was suffering a lung infection and other ailments before dying at age 95. Las Vegas Sun

Girl's HIV Infection Seems Under Control Without AIDS Drugs
A South African girl born with the AIDS virus has kept her infection suppressed for more than eight years after stopping anti-HIV medicines - more evidence that early treatment can occasionally cause a long remission that, if it lasts, would be a form of cure. Her case was revealed Monday at an AIDS conference in Paris, where researchers also gave encouraging results from tests of shots every month or two instead of daily pills to treat HIV. "That's very promising" to help people stay on treatment, the U.S.'s top AIDS scientist, Dr. Anthony Fauci, said of the prospects for long-acting drugs. Philadelphia Inquirer

Biden Dodges Question Asking If He’ll Run For President In 2020
Former veep Joe Biden deflected questions from Katie Couric at OZY Fest in Central Park on Saturday about whether he’ll run for president in 2020. But later, at a VIP dinner for the event, Biden was still urged to get into the race by chef Marcus Samuelsson. Spies said that Biden was at Samuelsson’s Red Rooster in Harlem, along with guests including Malcolm Gladwell, Wharton professor Adam Grant and Couric. The Yahoo anchor earlier asked Biden — who was in the audience after introducing a panel with Couric and his wife, Jill — if he’d run in three years. “My focus now… is to get a Democratic Congress elected in 2018… My hope and expectation is that some of the younger folks are going to come up and fill the void.” NY Post
VOA VIEW: Liberal media wishful thinking.

Key Washington State Senate Race Is Drawing Big Money
A competitive Washington state Senate election that will determine the balance of power in Olympia is already drawing big money. The Seattle Times reports candidates and outside political groups have raised or spent more than $2.2 million for a special election in the district that includes the Seattle suburbs of Woodinville, Kirkland and Redmond. Voters will choose a replacement for Republican Sen. Andy Hill, who died last year. The front-runners are Democrat Manka Dhingra, a senior deputy prosecuting attorney in King County, and Republican Jinyoung Lee Englund, who has worked as a staffer for U.S. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers. The candidates have raised a combined $1.2 million. Independent groups backed by GOP and Democratic funding sources have spent roughly another $1 million. Las Vegas Sun


Conway: CNN Making A ‘Business Decision’ To Be ‘Unfair’ To Trump
The counselor to Trump kicked off a spirited interview on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” quipping that she’s “happy” to take questions from an “outlet that’s been incredibly unfair and systematically against this president,” Conway said Sunday. “I guess you made a business decision to do so.” Host Brian Stelter questioned why she’d open up an interview with CNN by “attacking” the network and insisted all CNN is trying to do is make sense of an “awfully dysfunctional” White House and an “unusual president”. “That’s not fair,” Conway said. “…If you want a more candid, clear look at the functioning of the White House, I invite you inside, come inside.”
She accused CNN of being “obsessed” with Russia and not offering “complete” coverage of positive things Trump is accomplishing. NY Post
VOA VIEW: CNN should be sent to hell and given nothing.

Duterte Pledges To Continue Anti-Drug Campaign
Despite international and domestic criticism, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte says he will not stop his deadly crackdown on illegal drugs and warns that addicts and dealers have two choices: jail or hell. Thousands of suspects have perished during the anti-drug campaign he launched after being sworn into office in June last year, sparking widespread criticism and threats of prosecution. "Do not try to scare me with prison or the International Court of Justice," he said Monday in his annual state of the nation address. "I'm willing to go to prison for the rest of my life." He reiterated his plea that Congress reimpose the death penalty for drug offenders and others. Tampa Tribune

Jeb Bush Blasts Republicans Regarding Russian Probe
Jeb Bush criticized Republicans for going easy on Donald Trump on possible collusion between Russia and the campaign of his former rival for the U.S. presidency.
Bush, a former Florida governor, also blasted Trump on Saturday during Ozy Fest, a combination of policy-related symposiums and musical acts hosted by the digital news magazine in New York's Central Park. "If your opponent does things that you, your head explodes on, if Barack Obama did something as it's related to Russia, you say 'this is outrageous,' all this stuff, then when your guy does the same thing, have the same passion to be critical," Bush said. UPI
VOA VIEW: Bush is a sore loser.

Emissions Scandal? BMW `Categorically Rejects' Colluding With Rivals
German luxury automaker BMW said it “categorically rejects accusations” that it colluded with rivals over its diesel practices. Citing media reports, BMW issued a statement that “as a matter of principle” its vehicles “are not manipulated and comply with respective legal requirements. Of course this also applies to diesel vehicles.” On Friday, the German publication Der Spiegelclaimed thatBMW, along with Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, BMW and Daimler, had been involved in secret negotiations over various technological issues systems since the 1990s, including a discussion of how large the “AdBlue” tanks should be that are used in diesel vehicles. AdBlue is a liquid chemical that helps reduce the emission of oxides. The publication alleged the smaller tanks used means there is not a sufficient amount of the chemical to properly clean the exhaust gases. USA Today

After Mosul Victory, Iraq Mulls Future Of Shiite Militias
In the wake of victory against the Islamic State group in Mosul, Iraq's political, religious and military leaders are debating the future of the country's powerful Shiite militias — the tens of thousands of men who answered a religious call to arms three years ago and played a critical role in beating back the extremists. Some are demanding the mostly Iranian-backed forces be disbanded but the militias say their sacrifices on the battlefield and the fact they were sanctioned by Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi have earned them a permanent place in the hierarchy of Iraq's security forces. The Shiite militias stepped into a vacuum when the Iraqi army largely dissolved after IS overran Mosul and pushed within 80 miles (130 kilometers) of the Iraqi capital. Houston Chronicle

64 Years After Korean War, North Still Digging Up Bombs
In the 10 years he has been digging up ordnance from the Korean War, Maj. Jong Il Hyon has lost five colleagues to explosions. He carries a lighter one gave him before he died. He also bears a scar on his left cheek from a bomb disposal mission gone wrong. Sixty-four years after it ended, the war is still giving up thousands of bombs, mortars and pieces of live ammunition. Virtually all of it is American, but Jong noted that more than a dozen other countries fought on the U.S. side, and every now and then their bombs will turn up as well. "The experts say it will take 100 years to clean up all of the unexploded ordnance, but I think it will take much longer," Jong said in an interview with The Associated Press at a construction site on the outskirts of Hamhung, North Korea's second-largest city, where workers unearthed a rusted but still potentially deadly mortar round in February. Last October, 370 more were found in a nearby elementary school playground. Houston Chronicle

If You Have A Can Of Bush’s Best Baked Beans, You’d Better Check Them Out
If you have cans of Bush’s Best beans at home, you should take a closer look at them. The popular maker of baked beans issued a voluntary recall Saturday, saying some cans may have defective side seams. According to, the following cans are affected: — Bush’s Best Brown Sugar Hickory Baked Beans 28 ounce with UPC of 0 39400 01977 0 and Lot Codes 6097S GF and 6097P GF with Best By date of Jun 2019 — Bush’s Best Country Style Baked Beans 28 ounce with UPC of 0 39400 01974 9 and Lot Codes 6077S RR, 6077P RR, 6087S RR, 6087P RR with the Best By date of Jun 2019 — Bush’s Best Original Baked Beans 28 ounce with UPC of 0 39400 01614 4 and Lot Codes 6057S LC and 6057P LC with the Best By date of Jun 2019. The company suggests disposing of the beans, even if the canned contents don’t smell or look tainted. Miami Herald

State Bill Aimed At “Big Weed” Marketing Hits Small Businesses Too
S.F.’s Green Cross cannabis dispensary won’t be able to sell its T-shirts if a bill to protect children from pot marketing passes. Photo: Peter DaSilva, Special To The Chronicle Photo: Peter DaSilva, Special To The Chronicle S.F.’s Green Cross cannabis dispensary won’t be able to sell its T-shirts if a bill to protect children from pot marketing passes. At the online store, you can buy a shirt emblazoned with an American flag and bearing the words: “The United States of Amerijuana ... with Brownies and Doobies For All.” That shirt, crass as it might be, is perfectly legal to sell in California. But a stylishly lettered T-shirt that does not even reference marijuana but is sold by the Apothecarium, a San Francisco medical cannabis dispensary, would be banned from sale in the state under legislation now making its way through the Legislature. SF Gate

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USS Constitution Returns To Boston’s Waters After Repairs
The USS Constitution, the world’s oldest commissioned warship still afloat, returned late Sunday to Boston’s waters. The undocking of “Old Ironsides” marked the end of restoration work that started two years ago, officials said. A celebration was held at the USS Constitution Museum. The wooden ship was launched in 1797 and earned its famous nickname notching victories in the War of 1812. “The ship has been the cornerstone of the Navy for a long time,” said Robert Gerosa, the Constitution’s commanding officer. “To be a part of the ship is truly an honor.” Boston Globe

Georgia NAACP President Steps Down With An Eye Toward Politics
In resigning from the NAACP at the 108th National Convention in Baltimore, he stopped short of making an announcement and called the end of his 30 years in the organization an emotional moment. “Our nation is in crisis. This moment calls for every head, heart and hand to engage the work of ensuring that all the promises of our democracy are fulfilled,” Johnson said. “The upcoming election in 16 months carries consequences unlike any other midterm in our lifetime. This election will either reinforce and sustain the path we’re on — or change it. I promise no one will work harder to turn this momentum for change into a reality.” Although Johnson hasn’t confirmed that he is running for Congress, NAACP rules require officers to step down to run for public office. “Francys Johnson lent his talent, time and treasure to the association at a critical time,” said Derrick Johnson, the NAACP’s interim president and CEO. “I don’t think we’ve seen the last of his leadership. Atlanta Journal
VOA VIEW: A total waste of time.

Kushner Calls Russia Meeting 'Waste Of Time'
The son-in-law of President Donald Trump says a June 2016 meeting with a Russian-American lawyer was such a "waste of time" that he asked his assistant to call him out of the gathering. That's according to a statement Jared Kushner is providing to congressional committees this week. Emails released this month show Donald Trump Jr. accepted the meeting at Trump Tower with the idea that he would receive damaging information about Hillary Clinton. But Kushner says he hadn't seen those emails until recently shown them by his lawyers. Kushner says in his statement that Trump Jr. invited him to the meeting. He says he arrived late and heard the lawyer discussing the issue of adoptions. He says he texted his assistant to call him out of the meeting. President Donald Trump's son-in-law says that he only had four contacts with Russians during the campaign and presidential transition and that none of them were improper. Atlanta Journal

New Al-Shabab Video Calls Trump 'Brainless Billionaire'
The Somalia-based al-Shabab is mocking President Donald Trump in a new video that calls him a "brainless billionaire" as his administration steps up military efforts against the extremist group. The SITE Intelligence Group says the video released Sunday includes the criticism of Trump as it addresses next month's presidential election in neighboring Kenya. Al-Shabab has claimed a growing number of deadly attacks in Kenya as the election approaches, and Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta has declared a new offensive against the extremists. Tampa Tribune
VOA VIEW: This means the US is ahead.

Trump To Speak Monday On Health Care
President Trump on Monday will speak to the press at the White House about health care, minutes after meeting with what he calls “victims of Obamacare.” The statement, announced late Sunday by the White House, comes nearly a week after Trump pressed Republican senators to agree to an alternative to the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare, before taking an August recess. At a White House lunch on Wednesday, he told lawmakers, “I don't think we should leave town unless we have a health insurance plan." Trump added, "We shouldn't leave town until this is complete, until this bill is on my desk." USA Today

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Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas spoke on Sunday about his decision to sever ties with Israel until it reverses its decision to place metal detectors at the entrance to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, saying that his decision includes the security coordination with the Jewish state. "We announced an unequivocal stance, especially regarding the security coordination," Abbas said. "This decision is not at all easy, but the Israelis ought to know that they are going to be the ones who will ultimately lose, because we do a lot to defend their security and ours. We are convinced that terror must be fought everywhere, but the magnometers must be removed," the PA president continued. Jerusalem Post

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud Party opposes the creation of a Palestinian state and must consider alternatives to the two-state solution, according to a proposal set to pass Tuesday in a meeting of the Likud's ideological bureau in Ariel. Netanyahu helped lead efforts initiated by a group of Likud activists to pass a proposal opposing a Palestinian state in the Likud central committee in May 2002. That proposal was opposed by then-prime minister and Likud leader Ariel Sharon and paved the way for his departure from the party. Jerusalem Post

Qatar crisis: Turkey's Erdogan Calls For Swift End To Gulf Dispute
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said it is not in anyone's interest to prolong a crisis between Qatar and its neighbours, as he embarked on a two-day visit to the region. Mr Erdogan is in Saudi Arabia and will also visit Kuwait and then Qatar as he tries to resolve the dispute. In June, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt cut ties with Qatar over its alleged support for terrorism and ties with Iran. Qatar denies aiding any terror groups. A boycott put in place by the four countries has forced the gas-rich emirate to import food by sea and air to meet the basic needs of its 2.7 million population. BBC

Brexit: Liam Fox Sets Election Deadline For EU Transition
Any transitional arrangement with the EU after Brexit must end by the time of the next election, Liam Fox has said. The international trade secretary told the BBC he had no ideological objection to interim arrangements to minimise disruption after the UK's exit in 2019. But he said he did not want them to "drag on" beyond the date of the next general election, scheduled for 2022. The cabinet is said to be united behind a transition although reports it could last four years have been downplayed. BBC

Fukushima: Robot Images Show Massive Deposits Thought To Be Melted Nuclear Fuel
Images captured by an underwater robot on Saturday showed massive deposits believed to be melted nuclear fuel covering the floor of a damaged reactor at Japan’s destroyed Fukushima nuclear plant. The robot found large amounts of solidified lava-like rocks and lumps in layers as thick as 1m on the bottom inside a main structure called the pedestal that sits underneath the core inside the primary containment vessel of Fukushima’s Unit 3 reactor, said the plant’s operator, Tokyo Electric Power Co. Guardian

Big, Bold … And Broken: Is The US Shopping Mall In A Fatal Decline?
Twenty-five years ago this August, the Mall of America, America’s largest shopping mall, opened its many, many doors for business. The Minnesota mall is currently wrapping up a year of celebration at the dizzyingly vast temple to consumerism. It’s a celebration that comes, ironically, as America’s malls are dying. But not the Mall of America. Once the epicenter of American retail, malls are in crisis. Pictures of dead malls, their hollow shells left like abandoned sets for a George Romero zombie movie, are rapidly replacing pictures of decaying Detroit as the go-to image for dystopia USA. It has been three years since a major new shopping mall opened in the US, leading even some mall operators to speculate that the last one has already been built. Of the roughly 1,200 spread across the country, less than half are expected to be in operation five years from now. Guardian

Donald Trump Faces Veto Choice After US Congress Agrees New Russia Sanctions Plan
President Donald Trump is facing a looming showdown with Congress after Republicans and Democrats agreed new sanctions on Russia designed to punish the Kremlin for interfering in last year's US election. The sweeping sanctions package, also intended to penalise Russia for its military aggression in Ukraine and Syria, set up a collision course with the White House which has sought to ease relations with Moscow. Mr Trump's has consistently made warm overtures to president Vladimir Putin amid ongoing FBI and congressional investigations into any links between Russia and his campaign. Telegraph

Human Trafficking Suspected As Eight People Found Dead In Lorry At Texas Car Park
Eight people were found dead on Sunday inside a sweltering lorry parked at a Walmart store in San Antonio, Texas, and authorities said they were the victims of "ruthless" human traffickers. Another 30 people, many in critical condition and suffering from heat stoke and exhaustion, were also in the trailer, which lacked air conditioning or a water supply, San Antonio Fire Chief Charles Hood said. Temperatures outside the vehicle topped 100 degrees Fahrenheit (37.8 Celsius). The truck's driver was arrested and will face charges, said Richard Durbin, U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Texas, and prosecutors are working to identify others responsible. Telegraph

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