FBI Probe Of Bernie Sanders' Wife Closely Tracks Hillary's Secret Campaign Plan
Sen. Bernie Sanders’ claims that an ongoing FBI probe of his wife is based on partisan politics don’t square with the fact that it began under President Obama and appears to closely track Democratic opposition research revealed in the hacked emails of the Hillary Clinton campaign. The FBI and U.S. Attorney in Vermont are investigating Jane O’Meara Sanders for her role in a failed 2010, $10 million college land deal that she orchestrated during her seven-year stint as president of Burlington College in Vermont. According to a series of 2015 emails to and from Clinton’s campaign manager, John Podesta, leaked to and published on Wikileaks, the Clinton team wrote an extensive political opposition memo entitled “Sanders Top Hits-Thematics.” Fox
VOA VIEW: First it was Republicans and Trump - now its Hillary - next.

Chemical In Macaroni And Cheese Tied To Birth Defects
Your boxed macaroni and cheese might come with a surprise – in the form of harmful chemicals. The chemicals – known as phthalates – are found in macaroni and cheese dishes that use powdered cheese, according to a new study by the Coalition for Safer Food Processing and Packaging. Phthalates can pose a risk to small children and pregnant women as they can affect male hormones and have been associated with genital birth defects in infant boys, the New York Times reported. They have also caused learning and behavioral problems in children. Fox

Trump Tower Russia Meeting: At Least Eight People In The Room
The June 2016 meeting at Trump Tower with Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort included at least eight people. The revelation of additional participants comes as The Associated Press first reported Friday that a Russian-American lobbyist named Rinat Akhmetshin said he also attended the June 2016 meeting with Donald Trump Jr. CNN has reached out to Akhmetshin for comment. So far acknowledged in attendance: Trump Jr., Kushner, Manafort, Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya, Akhmetshin and publicist Rob Goldstone, who helped set up the meeting. A source familiar with the circumstances told CNN there were at least two other people in the room as well, a translator and a representative of the Russian family who had asked Goldstone to set up the meeting. The source did not provide the names. CNN
VOA VIEW: The real truth is ... .

Charles Krauthammer: Trump Jr. Emails Are Evidence Of 'Collusion'
Breaking from many of his ideological peers, conservative commentator Charles Krauthammer believes the bombshell surrounding President Trump's son this week is a watershed moment. In a column published Thursday night, Krauthammer said that the "Russian scandal has entered a new phase, and there's no going back." Krauthammer, a Fox News contributor, wrote that he has long been a skeptic of charges of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government, but that he was "open to empirical evidence." CNN
VOA VIEW: Anything coming from CNN is questionable.


Trump Tweets: Republicans ‘Must Come Through’ On Health Care Bill
In four tweets on Friday – live from Paris – President Donald Trump talked up the latest Republican health care bill. (The typos are his.) "Republicans Senators are working hard to get their failed ObamaCare replacement approved. I will be at my desk, pen in hand!" “So impt Rep Senators, under leadership of @SenateMajLdr McConnell get healthcare plan approved. After 7yrs of O'Care disaster, must happen!” “After all of these years of suffering thru ObamaCare, Republican Senators must come through as they have promised!” “.@VP Mike Pence is working hard on HealthCare and getting our wonderful Republican Senators to do what is right for the people.” CNS

Judicial Watch: VA Gov.’s Former Electric Car Company Will Cost Taxpayers Millions – Media Silent
The state auditor of Mississippi is demanding that Virginia Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe’s former company, GreenTech, repay nearly $6.4 million in public money since the electric vehicle company shut down and failed to deliver on its promises to create new jobs. The government watchdog group Judicial Watch reports that most mainstream media outlets are ignoring this newsworthy story. McAuliffe was a co-chairman of Hillary Clinton’s 2008 bid for the presidency and served as the chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) prior to being elected governor of Virginia in 2014. CNS News
VOA VIEW: Another rip-off and silence by liberals.

New Hampshire Opens Criminal Probe Of Sex Abuse At Elite School
New Hampshire has opened a criminal probe into the elite St. Paul's School, following a May report that 13 former members of its staff had engaged in sexual misconduct with students in incidents dating back decades. Officials at the coeducational boarding school in Concord, New Hampshire, had apologized after the release of that report, which was commissioned after a 2015 trial shone a harsh light on the school's culture. Among the allegations that surfaced was the practice of the St. Paul's "senior salute," in which graduating students sought out underclassmen for sex. The school, which was all-male until 1971, has repeatedly denied that this practice was a part of its culture. Reuters


U.S. Issues Revised Security Directive To Airlines Worldwide
The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has issued a revised directive to airlines around the world in response to requests that it clarify aviation security measures scheduled to begin taking effect next week, the agency said on Friday. "This clarifying update will strengthen global aviation security and is a testament to our shared commitment to raising the baseline," said James Gregory, a spokesman for the U.S. Transportation Security Administration, which is part of the DHS. An airline official briefed on the matter said the directive gives airlines more flexibility and additional time to obtain explosive trace detection equipment. The official was not authorized to discuss sensitive security issues with the media and requested anonymity. Reuters

Pelosi, House Dems Will Try To Force Republicans To Take Stance On Trump-Russia Ties
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi announced plans Friday to force House Republicans to take on-the-record positions on President Trump’s possible Russian ties.
“Republicans in Congress should stop hiding, and stop hiding the truth from the American people,” Mrs. Pelosi, California Democrat, said at a press briefing on Capitol Hill. She plans to offer resolutions that, if not acted on in committee, will then force an entire House vote, something Republicans are likely to try to avoid. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Pelosi is a nutty liberal with only thing in life is resist.

Trump Hires New Lawyer Amid Russia Investigation
President Donald Trump is adding to his growing roster of lawyers handling investigations into Russian interference in the 2016 election, NBC News confirmed Friday.
Veteran Washington lawyer Ty Cobb is the latest to join the president's legal team, a White House official said. Cobb will spearhead responses to media inquiries related to the ongoing Russia probes and he will work closely with attorney Marc Kasowitz, who is leading the Trump team. MSNBC

Honda Recalls 1.15 Million Accords Due To Possible Engine Fires
Honda is recalling more than 1 million Accords in the U.S. because a faulty battery sensor may cause a fire in the vehicle’s engine compartment. The action affects Accords produced between 2013 and 2016. The Japanese automaker noted that four vehicles have reported fires resulting from the defect, but no injuries. The recall covers more than 1.5 million cars worldwide. Honda is recalling more than 1 million Accords in the U.S. because a faulty battery sensor may cause a fire in the vehicle’s engine compartment. The action affects Accords produced between 2013 and 2016. The Japanese automaker noted that four vehicles have reported fires resulting from the defect, but no injuries. The recall covers more than 1.5 million cars worldwide. MSNBC

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If Amazon Starts Sharing Alexa Recordings, Should We Be Concerned?
A report this week from tech news website The Information is raising privacy concerns about voice-activated digital devices like the Amazon Echo with the Alexa personal assistant. According to the report, Amazon is considering giving transcripts of Alexa's audio recordings to third-party app developers. In a statement to "CBS This Morning," Amazon said, "We do not share customer-identifiable information to third-party skills [apps] without the customer's consent." CBS News contributor and editor-in-chief of Wired magazine Nicholas Thompson told "CBS This Morning" that "we should be cautious." CBS

Jamie Dimon: "Almost An Embarrassment Being An American"
JPMorgan Chase (JPM) CEO Jamie Dimon lashed out at U.S. government policy during the company's quarterly earnings conference call on Friday. "It's almost an embarrassment being an American citizen ... and listening to the stupid s--- we have to deal with in this country," Dimon said. Dimon was answering a question from UBS analyst Saul Martinez about whether political gridlock seemed likely to stunt the nation's economic growth. The CEO, regarded by many as the country's foremost banking executive, took it as a chance to deride U.S. policies, which he said are hindering faster expansion. CBS
VOA VIEW: It's embarrassing to have a CEO like Dimon.

Alternator, Wiring Troubles Cause 2 Fiat Chrysler Recalls
Fiat Chrysler is recalling over 1.3 million vehicles worldwide to fix malfunctioning alternators that can cause engines to stall or a wiring problem that can make air bags deploy unexpectedly. The wiring recall covers nearly 771,000 Dodge Journey and Fiat Freemont SUVs from 2011 through 2015. The company says wires can chafe against steering wheel trim, causing electrical short-circuits. That can set off the driver's front air bags, cause wipers to come on unexpectedly, cause switches to fail or illuminate the air bag warning lights. Customers who see any of the issues should contact a dealer. Dealers will install a covering on the wires or replace them if needed. FCA says it knows of five minor injuries related to the problem but no crashes. ABC


Bitcoin Is On Track For Its Biggest Weekly Decline Since March
Bitcoin has declined about 13 percent this week, the biggest five-day slide since March, as rival enthusiasts of the digital currency consider adopting two competing software updates at the end of July. That has raised the possibility that bitcoin will split in two, an unprecedented event that would send shockwaves through the cryptocurrency market. Still, bitcoin has more than doubled this year amid greater acceptance of the blockchain technology that underpins the exchange method. Bloomberg

Trump Visit A Security Challenge At Women's Golf Tournament
Some of the best golfers in the world are competing in New Jersey this weekend, and they could be partly upstaged by a guy whose best finish was to win an age-group club title. Then again, he is the president — and it's his club. President Donald Trump's golf course is hosting this weekend's U.S. Women's Open. Trump was in France this week to celebrate Bastille Day and meet with French President Emmanuel Macron, and he tweeted Friday morning that he had left Paris and would be heading to New Jersey for the tournament. ABC
VOA VIEW: Liberal propaganda.

Inflation Data Weakens The Fed's Case For Another Hike
Federal Reserve plans for gradual interest-rate increases hinge on inflation rising to its 2 percent target, but it’s not showing up and they don’t know why. That’s undermining Chair Janet Yellen’s case for further policy tightening. Over two days of congressional testimony this week, Yellen stuck to the Fed’s outlook for gradually rising inflation that would support additional hikes in their policy rate. That was before Friday’s consumer price index report that showed continued weak pricing power in June across a range of goods and services for the fourth consecutive month. “There is no way of getting around it,” said Laura Rosner, a senior economist and partner at MacroPolicy Perspectives LLC in New York. “The weakness is pretty broad and it’s partly happening in cyclical areas of the economy that might be slowing, like motor vehicles.” Bloomberg

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Guns, Churches And Immigrants: What’s In That Spending Bill?
A House panel has taken steps to help young immigrants, allow robust politicking from the pulpit and prevent doctors in the District of Columbia from helping terminally ill people commit suicide. The House Appropriations Committee passed a $20 billion spending bill Thursday to fund numerous federal agencies. Quietly tucked inside were provisions that have little to do with funding the federal government. Some are controversial while others are bipartisan. Many will be discarded when Republicans and Democrats negotiate a final spending package this fall. Some will survive. One provision would allow some young immigrants who came to the U.S. illegally to apply for jobs with the federal government. Another would boost programs aimed at reducing gun violence. Las Vegas Sun

Lawmakers Say World Owes Debt Of Gratitude To Liu Xiaobo
The death of Liu Xiaobo is a catastrophic loss for China and the entire world, and his contributions to human rights should never be forgotten, members of Congress said during a hearing Friday that turned into a memorial for China's most prominent political prisoner. Liu died Thursday of liver cancer after spending nearly nine years in custody. A House hearing had been scheduled to examine his health and detention. The news of his passing the day before prompted praise for his life's work in advancing liberty and due process as well as condemnation of the Chinese government for its treatment of Liu and his wife, Liu Xia. Las Vegas Sun

Psychiatry Professors Call On Congress To ‘End The Trump Presidency’
Psychiatry professors from several Ivy League universities who argue Donald Trump is unfit for the presidency are calling on Congress to take “lawful steps” to remove him from office. The professors’ letter to Congress, published by The Huffington Post, says the president’s supposed mental “unraveling” is hurting his ability to govern. “The power of the presidency has accentuated Mr. Trump’s failings with devastating effects,” the letter states. “His psychological isolation — including his tenuous relationship to reality — has led to the dangerous isolation of the United States from the rest of the world. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Liberals that don't have a life.

More Americans Souring On GOP Healthcare Plan
As Republican senators continue to look for the necessary votes to reform healthcare, support for the GOP plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act continues to erode, a new poll shows. The Kaiser Family Foundation health tracking poll, released Friday, found the number of people opposed to the Republican plan rose to 61 percent in July -- up from 55 percent in June. A significant number of those opposed, 44 percent, said they hold a "very unfavorable" view of the GOP healthcare overhaul effort. The poll found 28 percent of respondents, the overwhelming number of them self-identified Republicans or conservative-leaning independents, said they held a favorable view of the plan -- down 2 percent from last month. Just 7 percent of Democrats held a favorable view of the ACA repeal plan, compared to 60 percent of Republicans. Sixty-three percent of independents held an unfavorable view. UPI

Researcher Identifies Possible Cause For Lupus
A rheumatologist at the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research has possibly identified a protein as a cause for the adverse immune system response in lupus. The study was published July 10 in the journal Nature Immunology. Lupus is an autoimmune disorder causing the immune system to lose the ability to tell the difference between healthy tissue and foreign agents, causing the immune system to become hyperactive and attack healthy tissue -- which leads to inflammation and damage to joints, skin and internal organs. UPI

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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu directed the police on Friday afternoon to take down the mourners' tents set up in Umm al-Fahm for the three terrorists killed in the attack that killed two policeman near the Temple Mount earlier in the day. The directives came following consultations Netanyahu had with the country's top security echelon, including Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman, Chief of General Staff Lt.-Gen. Gadi Eizenkot, Police Commissioner Roni Alsheich, General Security Service head Nadav Argaman, and Coordinator of Government Activity in the Territories Maj.-Gen. Yoav Mordechai. Jerusalem Post

The Friday morning’s terror attack in Jerusalem’s Old City will be a huge test for the Palestinian Authority and the moderate Arab world. Following the early morning attack, in which three terrorists opened fire on a group of policemen near Lion’s Gate and then fled to the Temple Mount before being shot and killed by police, Jerusalem chief of Police Yoram Halevi ordered the area closed, evacuated, and cancelled Friday Muslim prayers.  Police were considering entering the Temple Mount complex to search for weapons caches. Jeruslaem Post

Trump Says US-Mexico Wall May Not Need To Cover Entire Border
President Donald Trump says his proposed border wall may not need to cover the whole US frontier with Mexico because of existing natural barriers. He told journalists travelling on Air Force One to France that it also needed to be transparent, to offer border guards visibility into Mexico. He also reiterated his desire the final design would involve solar panels. Building the wall, and having it paid for by Mexico, was one of Mr Trump's key campaign promises. BBC
VOA VIEW: Trump will lose big time if he backs off his wall move.

US Opioid Abuse 'Linked To Jobs Market' Says Fed Boss
Widespread opioid abuse is tied to a fall in the share of Americans working or looking for work, the head of the US central bank said on Thursday. Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said she was not sure if it was a cause of the decline or a symptom revealing more longstanding economic problems. Technological changes and an ageing workforce also contributed, she said. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimate that prescription drug abuse costs $78.5bn (£61.5bn) annually. This is due to costs related to health care, lost productivity, and criminal activity. BBC

Trump Conflict Of Interest Concerns Over Links With Law Firm Run By Philippine Government Official
Donald and Ivanka Trump’s companies employ a law firm managed by a Philippine government official, the Guardian has found, the latest in a string of potential conflicts of interests stemming from the first family’s global business empire. By hiring a firm run by a high-ranking member of the Philippine government, Trump opens himself to accusations of wittingly or unwittingly paying a foreign official to secure the interests of his private business. Elpidio C Jamora Jr is one of four named partners at the Manila-based law office that acts as a representative to register trademarks for both the Trump Organization and Ivanka Trump’s personal brand. Guardian

Republican Health Bill: Latest Draft Would Scrap Contraception Mandate
The latest version of the US Senate’s bill to repeal major portions of the Affordable Care Act would eliminate the so-called birth control mandate, handing a long-sought victory to conservative activists who have spent years assailing the regulation. The mandate is one of the most controversial benefits of the Obama administration’s enforcement of the ACA. As Senate Republican leaders insisted they would forge ahead with a vote by the end of next week on their latest version of legislation to replace the ACA, reproductive health provider Planned Parenthood warned about the threatened change. Guardian

'This Is The Killing Of Democracy': A Year After Failed Coup, Erdogan's Purge Shakes Pillar Of Turkish State
Istar Gozaydin was still in her bathrobe when the police came to her Istanbul apartment at 6:30am in December. They gave the university professor time to change into her clothes before they took her to prison to join tens of thousands of others jailed amid Turkey’s crackdown following last year’s failed coup. Mrs Gozaydin had already lost her job as a law and politics professor after the putsch attempt when the government shut down universities it claimed were linked to Fethullah Gulen, an exiled cleric and once-ally of Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Officials accuse Mr Gulen and his supporters of masterminding and carrying out the coup attempt, a charge the cleric denies. Telegraph

Trump Administration Takes Aim At Spanish Olives
US officials have launched an investigation into whether Spanish olives are improperly subsidised amid fears that American companies are being undermined. It is Washington's latest move against what it considers to be unfair trade, and follows similar approaches to Canadian lumber and dairy, Mexican sugar and a host of other products. The Trump administration is taking aim at the olive industry after two US companies filed a complaint claiming Spanish olives are sold at as much as 200pc below market value. Telegraph

Faith Central To Hope And Resilience, Highlights UN Chief, Launching Initiative To Combat Atrocities
Voicing concern over the abuse of religion to justify incitement to violence and discrimination, United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres today underscored the importance of religious leaders in preventing violence and contributing to peace and stability. “Around the world, we see how religion is being twisted [and] cynically manipulated,” stressed the Secretary-General today, speaking at the launch of an initiative to prevent atrocity crimes, which include genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes. UN News

'Smart' Money Moving To 'Green'
Even though investments towards sustainable development in developing countries have fallen short by nearly $2.5 trillion each year, emerging financial products and encouraging policies illustrate that both public and private sectors are serious about correcting that trend, the United Nations environment arm has said. In its new report on green finance, the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) has noted that the G20 and other countries have taken huge strides over the last year towards mobilizing public resources and private capital needed to make sustainable development and climate action a reality. UN News

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