Trump Calls Out 'sleepy eyes' Chuck Todd, Slams 'fake news media'
President Trump again directed his weekly Saturday breakfast tweets at the media, this time chiding "Meet the Press" host Chuck Todd for exploring potential Russian meddling in the 2016 election. "When will Sleepy Eyes Chuck Todd and @NBCNews start talking about the Obama SURVEILLANCE SCANDAL and stop with the Fake Trump/Russia story?" he tweeted.  Minutes later, he went after the media as a whole. "It is the same Fake News Media that said there is 'no path to victory for Trump' that is now pushing the phony Russia story. A total scam," he tweeted. Todd took aim at Trump on MSNBC on Friday, as reported in RealClear Politics, hinting Trump may be on the verge of a lame duck presidency. He noted the president's low approval ratings, his inability to repeal Obamacare and the Russia investigation.
USA Today
VOA VIEW: The public does not trust the liberal media.

Chelsea Clinton Political Future Sparks Media Excitement, Despite Denials
When President Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in November, many pundits assumed the so-called Clinton dynasty was over. Fast forward just a few months, and media outlets are apparently #ReadyForChelsea – despite the former first daughter’s carefully worded denials about eyeing public office. The rumor mill has been kept busy, it seems, thanks to little more than an uptick in social media activity by Chelsea. Within 24 hours last week, three major pieces were published about her. Fox
VOA VIEW: The liberal media want another Clinton.

DEA: Made-In-China Lethal Opioid Fueling U.S. Drug Epidemic
A homemade designer version of fentanyl, the highly addictive opioid which is similar to morphine but is 50 to 100 times more potent, has been the center of drug busts across the country this month—with law enforcement pinpointing its origin from underground labs in China. The DEA says the China-U.S. supply is further fueling the country’s drug epidemic. “This stuff is unbelievably potent. It is so powerful that even a tiny amount can kill you,” DEA spokesman Rusty Payne tells FOX Business. “China is by far the most significant manufacturer of illicit designer synthetic drugs. There is so much manufacturing of new drugs, [it’s] amazing what is coming out of China. Hundreds of [versions], including synthetic fentanyl and fentanyl-based compounds.” Fox News

Trump University $25 Million Settlement Approved
Thousands of former Trump University students will get most of their money back, with a judge on Friday approving a $25 million settlement. "The settlement is fair, adequate, and reasonable," Judge Gonzalo Curiel said in his decision. Nearly 4,000 former students submitted claims and those who are eligible could get back about 90% of their money. The settlement was agreed to last November, just 10 days after Donald Trump won the presidential election, but still needed court approval.
Trump University was created in 2005, and promised to teach students investing techniques they could use to get rich in real estate -- just like Trump. A "one-year apprenticeship" at Trump University cost $1,495, according to court documents, while a "membership" cost at least $10,000 and the "Gold Elite," the seminar's most expensive class, cost $35,000. Trump University effectively closed in 2010, the same year the New York Department of Education directed the program to stop operating without a license. CNN

Florida Bill Would Let Governor Remove Politicians Who Commit ‘malfeasance’ In Cities Under Financial Emergency
As millions in debts piled up for months at City Hall, Opa-locka’s political leaders finally agreed to ask Florida’s governor to declare a financial emergency and appoint an oversight board to shepherd the city toward recovery.  But since that momentous vote in June, city-state relations have been painfully strained. They reached a low point in January when City Commissioner John Riley said in a letter to the governor that the oversight board was like a “dictatorship” that views the city’s politicians and managers as “a group of ‘incompetent and defiant black officials’ that are operating with criminal intent.” Now — with Opa-locka’s current budget barely balanced and past debts mounting up to $14 million — Florida legislators are considering a proposed law that would give the governor even greater power over cities placed under financial emergency. A state House lawmaker has proposed allowing the governor to replace elected officials in cities such as Opa-locka, if they fail to comply with an oversight board’s demands on spending and other fiscal matters within 60 days. Any replacement by the governor would be temporary until a local election were held to fill the seat. Miami Herald
VOA VIEW: The blacks have wasted the taxpayers money and want others to bail them out.

Study Finds 'Staggering' Rise In Mastectomies In These States
Younger women with breast cancer are increasingly opting to undergo double mastectomies, even if they were diagnosed with early-stage cancer in only one breast, known as unilateral breast cancer, according to a study published in the journal JAMA Surgery on Wednesday. The procedure to remove the healthy breast along with the affected breast is called a contralateral prophylactic mastectomy, or CPM. In certain states, more than 42% of women 20 to 44 who underwent surgery between 2010 and 2012 opted to remove both breasts with a CPM, the study found. Researchers now are hoping to determine why. "To be honest, I think it's very difficult to really pinpoint why the increase," said Ahmedin Jemal, vice president of surveillance and health services research at the American Cancer Society, who was senior author of the study. However, he offered some ideas. CNN


Debt Frozen At $19,808,747,000,000—For 15 Days
The portion of the federal debt that is subject to a legal limit set by Congress plummeted by $56,758,000,000 on March 15 hitting its lowest level of 2017, according to the Daily Treasury Statement. On that same day, the federal debt hit its legal limit, according to the same Daily Treasury Statements. For the 15 days since then, according to the Treasury’s statements, the debt subject to the limit has been frozen at $19,808,747,000,000—approximately $25 million below the new legal limit. CNS News

63% of Americans Say Traditional TV And Newspaper Outlets Report ‘Fake News’
While most Americans say that both traditional and online media are reporting “fake news,” they’re more than twice as likely to attribute the falsehoods to deliberate deception rather than to incompetence, a new poll by Monmouth University reveals. Nearly two-thirds (63%) of Americans say they’re either “regularly” (27%) or “occasionally” being fed fake news by traditional major TV and newspaper outlets. Asked to cite the reason that these media report fake news, 39% say they do it “On purpose in order to push an agenda,” while only 17% say it is “By accident or because of poor fact checking.” Another 32% denied that traditional TV and newspaper media report fake news. CNS
VOA VIEW: The number is much higher - Americans believe very few if the media.

Connecticut May Become First U.S. State To Allow Deadly Police Drones
Connecticut would become the first U.S. state to allow law enforcement agencies to use drones equipped with deadly weapons if a bill opposed by civil libertarians becomes law. The legislation, approved overwhelmingly by the state legislature's judiciary committee on Wednesday, would ban so-called weaponized drones in the state but exempts agencies involved in law enforcement. It now goes to the House of Representatives for consideration. The legislation was introduced as a complete ban on weaponized drones but just before the committee vote it was amended to exclude police from the restriction. Reuters

Trump Officials Defend Immigration Arrests At California Courthouses
Federal agents have arrested illegal immigrants at California courthouses because local authorities have made such apprehensions at jails difficult, the Trump administration's top two law enforcement officials told the state's chief justice, who had requested a halt to the practice. In a letter to Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye made public on Friday, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly gave no indication that agents would stop the arrests. Reuters
VOA VIEW: States are harboring and protecting illegals.


Mylan Says EpiPen Manufacturing Partner To Expand Device Recall
Generic drugmaker Mylan NV said on Friday that its manufacturing partner for EpiPen devices had expanded a recall of the life-saving allergy shot in the United States and other markets. The announcement comes a week after Mylan said it had recalled about 81,000 EpiPen devices in countries outside the United States following two reports of the company's allergy treatment failing to work in emergencies. The recall is being initiated in the United States and will extend to Europe, Asia, North and South America, Mylan said. MSNBC

Ex-CIA Chief Of Staff Jeremy Bash Says White House Is ‘Runaway Train’
A former top government official said the White House reminds him of a "runaway train" following the latest revelations Thursday about President Donald Trump's ex-national security adviser. Mike Flynn, who served as the president's national security adviser for three weeks, says he is willing to be interviewed about the Trump campaign's possible ties to Russia in return for immunity from prosecution. "The image I have in my head of the White House is a runaway train," Jeremy Bash, chief of staff at the CIA and then the Department of Defense under former President Barack Obama, said on MSNBC late Thursday. "The brakes are out ... that is how much trouble we're in." MSNBC
VOA VIEW: Obama will end up proven having broken many laws - he did not believe Hillary would lose.

Trump Signs Executive Orders To Crack Down On ‘Cheaters’ In Trade Practices
President Trump signed two executive orders Friday aimed at cracking down on foreign competitors’ unfair trade practices, and pledged that his actions are setting the stage for a “great revival” of American manufacturing. “From now on, those who break the rules will face the consequences,” Mr. Trump said as he signed the documents at the White House. “Under my administration, the theft of American prosperity will end.” The first executive order aims to ensure that duties are fully collected when imposed on foreign importers who cheat. Washington Times

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White House Says Trump Wants Flynn To Testify To Congress On Russia
The White House said Friday that President Trump wants former national security adviser Michael Flynn to tell Congress what he knows about his contacts with Russia. Asked by a reporter if Mr. Trump is concerned that Mr. Flynn has damaging information to tell lawmakers about the president, White House press secretary Sean Spicer had a short answer: “Nope.” “He believes that Mike Flynn should go testify … and do what he has to do to get the story out,” Mr. Spicer said. Mr. Flynn’s attorney has asked the House and Senate intelligence committees for a grant of immunity in advance of his possible testimony. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: The truth hurts the wrong doers.

Hillary Clinton Warns Trump's Budget Would Be A "Grave Mistake" For The U.S.
Hillary Clinton warned Friday that President Trump’s proposed government spending cuts would be detrimental to women and suggested that they would hurt U.S. national security. “We are seeing signals of a shift that should alarm us all. This administration’s proposed cuts to international health, development and diplomacy would be a blow to women and children and a grave mistake for our country,” the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee said at an event in Washington, D.C. hosted by Georgetown University’s Institute for Women, Peace and Security. Clinton cited a letter signed by more than 120 retired generals and admirals that urged Congress and the Trump administration to not retreat from certain programs. She said they recognize that “turning our back on diplomacy won’t make our country safer. It will undermine our security and our standing in the world.” CBS
VOA VIEW: Hillary is calling for dividing men and women.

Rex Tillerson Says U.S. Sanctions Against Russia To Remain In Place
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Friday that U.S. sanctions imposed against Russia in response to its aggression in Ukraine will “remain in place” until Russia returns control of Crimea to Ukraine. “Crimea-related sanctions must remain in place until Russia returns control of the peninsula to Ukraine. Even in the face of Russia’s aggression, Ukraine has accomplished a great deal domestically. We applaud recent reform successes, including anti-corruption efforts and pursuing necessary reforms to meet IMF conditionality,” Tillerson said at the NATO-Ukraine Commission meeting in Brussels. CBS

White House Officials Played Role In Surfacing Documents Nunes Viewed
At least two White House officials played a role in surfacing the classified documents that were viewed by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, ABC News has confirmed. Nunes, R-Calif., later described that information as potential evidence of improper surveillance by United States spy agencies working under the Obama administration. A day after having a meeting with a source on White House grounds, Nunes briefed President Trump on his concerns and held a press conference in which he indicated that members of the Trump transition team, and possibly the president, were incidentally surveilled. ABC
VOA VIEW: Republicans must stand fast against Democrats and liberals.


Sessions: Ferguson Emblem Of Tense Relationship With Police
Ferguson, Missouri, has become "an emblem of the tense relationship" between law enforcement and those it serves, especially minority communities, Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Friday during a visit to St. Louis. Sessions, speaking to a gathering of law enforcement leaders at the federal courthouse that sits roughly 12 miles from Ferguson, said the Justice Department will work with them to battle the rising tide of violent crime in America. He said he supports "proactive, up-close policing — when officers get out of their squad cars and interact with everyone on their beat — that builds trust, prevents violent crime, saves lives and creates a good atmosphere." But Sessions said that sort of police work has become increasingly difficult in what he called "an age of viral videos and targeted killings of police." Las Vegas Sun
VOA VIEW: Obama caused blacks to be against local law enforcement.

White House Says “Reality” Changing With Regard To Syria
The White House says there is a "bit of reality on the ground" about how the U.S. should approach the Syria conflict. Spokesman Sean Spicer said Friday the White House believes there is a "need to de-escalate violence and have a political process where Syrians will decide their own future." But says the "opportunity and options" available to the Trump administration in addressing the Syrian civil war are different than those that were available to the Obama administration. He didn't elaborate. Spicer would not comment on whether Syrian President Bashar Assad should step down, saying it is a decision for the Syrian people alone. In London Friday, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis suggested that Assad's status is not the most important question for the time being. Las Vegas Sun

Study: Insomnia May Increase Risk Of Heart Attack, Stroke
A new study has found a link between insomnia and an increased risk of a person having a heart attack or stroke. "Sleep is important for biological recovery and takes around a third of our lifetime, but in modern society more and more people complain of insomnia," Qiao He, a researcher at China Medical University, said in a press release. "For example, it is reported that approximately one-third of the general population in Germany has suffered from insomnia symptoms. Researchers have found associations between insomnia and poor health outcomes. But the links between insomnia and heart disease or stroke has been inconsistent." UPI

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Dem Opposition To Trump Court Pick Grows; Schumer Warns GOP
Senate Democratic opposition to President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee swelled Friday as Democrats neared the numbers needed for a filibuster, setting up a showdown with Republicans who have the votes to confirm Neil Gorsuch. Sens. Claire McCaskill of Missouri, Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut and Brian Schatz of Hawaii became the latest Democratic senators to announce their opposition to Gorsuch, a 49-year-old federal appeals court judge in Denver whose conservative rulings make him an intellectual heir to the justice he would replace, the late Antonin Scalia. McCaskill's decision came a day after she said she was torn over the decision. She said she's opposing the federal appeals court judge because his opinions favor corporations over workers and he's shown "a stunning lack of humanity" in some of those decisions. ABC
VOA VIEW: Liberals can do what they do best, obstruct.

U.S. Seeks Quick Action To Unblock Trump Immigration Order
The Trump administration is seeking to unblock its travel restrictions on six mostly Muslim countries while it fights in court to overturn a judge’s ruling freezing the policy. The U.S. Justice Department asked a federal appeals court in San Francisco on Friday for permission to request a stay of a Hawaii judge’s decision Wednesday to block enforcement of President Donald Trump’s revised travel ban. The federal government says it will seek quick action to reverse District Judge Derrick Watson’s ruling. If its request is approved, the Justice Department will file its formal motion for a stay by April 7, triggering at least a month of deliberations on whether the travel ban is constitutional. Bloomberg

Wall Street’s New Favorite Way To Swap Secrets Is Against The Rules
Dirty jokes and NSFW GIFs. Snaps of unsuspecting colleagues on the trading floor. Screenshots of confidential client positions. All that -- and, on occasion, even legally dubious information -- is increasingly being trafficked over the new private lines of Wall Street: encrypted messaging services like WhatsApp and Signal. From traders to bankers and money managers, just about everyone in finance is embracing these apps as an easy, and virtually untraceable, way to circumvent compliance, get around the HR police and keep bosses in the dark. And it’s happening despite the industry’s efforts to crack down on unmonitored communications, according to conversations with employees at more than a dozen of Wall Street’s most recognizable firms. Bloomberg

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With US President Donald Trump’s envoy Jason Greenblatt in the region this week for the second time in less than a month, with the leaders of Egypt, Jordan and the Palestinian Authority due to meet with Trump next month in Washington, and with talk circulating of a possible Israel-PA-Saudi- Gulf states summit this summer, there is suddenly a sense that something is stirring on the Israeli-Palestinian diplomatic front. There are those on the Right saying that this movement is different from the past, and that a careful parsing of statements coming from the administration and Greenblatt show a different tone and a different emphasis. Jerusalem Post

Israel will restrict its building beyond the Green Line to the built-up areas of existing settlements, the security cabinet decided Thursday night after nearly three weeks of discussions on the matter with the US government. The guiding principle behind the new guidelines is to limit as much as possible Israel's settlement “footprint” beyond the existing communities. Sources said the decision was taken out of consideration of the position of US President Donald Trump, and that Israel will also significantly curb building to enable efforts to advance a diplomatic process with the Palestinians. Jerusalem Post

Laptop Ban: Qatar Airways To Loan Laptops During Flights
Qatar Airways has said it is offering a laptop loan service to US-bound passengers to overcome a US ban on electronic devices on some flights. The offer to business class travellers is the latest attempted workaround by affected airlines. The ban applies to devices larger than a smartphone. It covers inbound flights on nine airlines operating out of 10 airports in the Middle East and North Africa, as well as Turkey. They include Qatar Airways, Etihad, Emirates and Turkish Airlines, which operate long-haul flights popular with business travellers who can no longer work on their laptops mid-flight. BBC

Trump Trade Crackdown 'Not About China'
President Donald Trump has signed two executive orders targeting the US trade deficit, ahead of Chinese President Xi Jinping's state visit. One order includes a study looking at causes of the deficit by examining unpaid duties and foreign trade abuses. The second will initiate a review of the American trade deficit and rules Mr Trump says harm US workers. Administration officials said Beijing was not the focus, but China is the largest source of the US trade deficit. BBC

$190,000 For Nothing? Plan To Publish Politicians' Internet Histories Falters
A fundraising campaign that pledges to purchase Congress members’ internet browsing history has been called into question amid confusion over whether it is actually possible to acquire that data. Search Internet History was created on 25 March, ahead of the House of Representatives vote to allow internet service providers to sell customers’ browsing data. The campaign’s GoFundMe effort had raised over $190,000 as of Friday, collecting donations from more than 10,000 people. Search Internet History founder Adam McElhaney wrote that he would purchase “internet histories of all legislators, congressmen, executives and their families” and publish the data on the campaign’s website. Guardian

Jeff Sessions Admits Crime Is Near Historic Lows Despite His Past Warnings
Jeff Sessions, who has warned of an American crime epidemic since taking on the role of attorney general, admitted to a crowd in St Louis consisting mostly of law enforcement members that US crime remains near historic lows, despite a recent uptick. “Murder rates are half of what they were in 1980. We have driven the violent crime rate down to almost half of what it was at its peak,” Sessions said. Sessions has previously said a recent crime increase was indicative of a “dangerous permanent trend”, a contention criminologists have said has “no evidence” to support it. Guardian

Sharp Rise In The Number Of US Citizens Turned Away By Canada
The number of US citizens turned away at the Canadian border has risen sharply according to new figures. Statistics obtained by La Presse of Montreal indicated that 31 per cent more Americans were denied entry last year than in 2015. The latest figures showed that 30,233 Americans were sent back at the border compared with  23,052 the year before and only 7,509 in 2014. There has also been some anxiety in Canada about uncertainty their citizens might face crossing into the US the Toronto District School Board announced it had cancelled further trips to America, However, the figures for people prevented crossing from Canada into the US have remained fairly stable at just under 30,000 for the past three years. Telegraph

UN Calls For Recognizing The Rights Of People With Autism To Make Their Own Decisions
Ahead of World Autism Awareness Day, the United Nations today called for recognizing the rights of people with the spectrum neurological condition, which is believed to affect 70 million people around the world. “Let us ensure that we make available the necessary accommodations and support to persons with autism,” Secretary-General António Guterres said in his message for the Day.” “With access to the support they need and choose, they will be empowered to face the key milestones in every person’s life,” he added, making decisions such as where and with whom to live, what type of work to pursue and how to manage their personal finances. UN News

Some 300 Million People Suffer From Depression, UN Warns Ahead Of World Health Day
More than 300 million people are now living with depression, which is the leading cause of ill health and disability worldwide, according to the latest estimates from the World Health Organization (WHO) released ahead of World Health Day. “These new figures are a wake-up call for all countries to re-think their approaches to mental health and to treat it with the urgency that it deserves,” WHO Director-General Margaret Chan said in a news release. UN News

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