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SEPTEMBER 30, 2017

     Totally unjust by liberal CNN.  Puerto Rico and Washington seem farther than 1,500 miles apart right now -- in fact they're experiencing a different version of reality.  Nine days after Hurricane Maria ravaged the island, emerging video and news reports of a heartrending humanitarian crisis are jarring with the Trump administration's upbeat assessment of the relief effort.  The dire situation, and the CNN alleged reluctance of President Donald Trump to publicly embrace complications in the relief effort, are also raising questions about why the response to Maria seems more sluggish than the government efforts following monster storms that hit Florida and Texas over the last month.

     In reality, no president has dealt with three major hurricane catastrophes back to back.  The island was totally destroyed.  Puerto Rico is an island and trucks could not ride up to the problem area. Finally, Puerto Rico was poorly managed and has serious debt.

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