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     The liberals had a good deal - no, good giveaway. House Speaker Paul Ryan said Thursday morning that he believes Republican President Donald Trump cut a debt ceiling deal with Democrats Wednesday because the President wanted to avoid a partisan fight as the country faced two devastating hurricanes. It was just hours before the deal was cut that Ryan personally called the Democrats' proposal "ridiculous" at a news conference.

     Ryan said he is sure that Trump just wanted this to be a "bipartisan moment for the country," but added that for the sake of certainty, he still thinks that Congress should pass longer-term increases of the debt ceiling. Ryan tried to emphasize that the deal cut Wednesday was not a reflection of his and Trump's relationship and that on other issues like tax reform, he and the President are working very closely.

     During his talk with the Times, Ryan also outlined some more details about the future of tax reform. The House speaker reiterated his timeline on on the tax overhaul and said he expects Republicans to have a plan by the fall and a passed bill by the end of the year. Ryan also told the audience that while Trump has lobbied for a 15% corporate tax rate, he sees a more likely rate to be set at about 22% or just below that. The current corporate tax rate is 35%.

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