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     It's time for a real showdown - North Korea can no longer hold the world hostage. Russian President Vladimir Putin cautioned the United States on Friday not to apply too much pressure on North Korea regarding its nuclear weapon program, saying the strained relationship between the two countries was “on the verge of a large-scale conflict.”  Putin posted the warning on the Kremlin website before he left for the BRICS nations summit in China, Reuters reported. Putin called on the two nations to open up dialogue with one another.

     On Tuesday, North Korea escalated the conflict, launching a midrange ballistic missile over U.S. ally Japan. Kim Jong Un, the leader of the Hermit Kingdom, called the launch a “meaningful prelude” to containing Guam, which is home to a number of key U.S. military bases.  President Trump said Tuesday that “all options are on the table” after the missile launch.

     The showdown between the US and NK will come sooner or later - or a regime change must be real soon.

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