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AUGUST 30, 2017

    President Trump's real approval rate is much higher than being reported.  According to the elite media, President Trump is a negative, dangerous, unpredictable leader who is getting more and more unpopular.  The most recent average of polls has President Trump at 39 percent approval.  One news analyst wrote that Trump is turning us from a 50-50 country to a 60-40 country, with the new majority consolidating against the president. In their eagerness to declare the Trump presidency a failure, the elite media is failing to inform us of two things.

     First, President Reagan had a similar period during his first term when his approval rating fell to 35 percent -- even lower than President Trump’s. Reagan bounced back, carried 49 states in a landslide reelection, and went on to oversee an economic boom and change world history by pushing the Soviet Union into collapse.  So, history tells us that presidential approval ratings at this point in time are not indicative of a president’s future success.

     Second, in addition to failing to contextualize President Trump’s approval ratings in history, the elite media is ignoring the present. Look, for example, at the radically different way it has treated President Trump and President Emmanuel Macron of France.


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