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AUGUST 25, 2017

     Liberal CNN twisted the facts for their agenda - "raucously divisive speech." CNN said the following - "at the same time President Donald Trump was delivering a raucously divisive speech to supporters in Phoenix."  The following was a headline from Fox "Trump goes on rampage against the media, sitting Arizona senators at Phoenix rally."

     The following was the rest of the article.  A defiant President Trump rallied with his base for more than an hour Tuesday in Arizona, trashing the media over its coverage of his response to the recent violence in Charlottesville, Va., while criticizing the state’s Republican senators for not getting behind him.  The president also signaled during the Phoenix rally that he could soon pardon Joe Arpaio, the former sheriff in Maricopa County famous for his tough stance against illegal immigration.

     But Trump was most animated when defending himself against accusations he wasn’t forceful enough in condemning the white supremacists and racists who were protesting in Charlottesville earlier this month. He blamed the media for distorting his comments.  At one point, the president pulled a piece of paper out of his jacket and re-read his initial statements condemning the racists involved the protests.  “Did they report that I said that racism is evil?” Trump asked of the media. The crowd yelled, “No!”  “You know why?” Trump asked. “Because they are very dishonest people.”

     As Trump continued to rail against the media’s coverage of him, the crowd began chanting: “CNN sucks!”  President Trump did not go on a Rampage, nor did he make a raucously divisive speech - he had a pleasant and direct speech.

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