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AUGUST 24, 2017

     The majority of Americans are against statue removal.  America's reality TV president has made America face its reality, on TV.  Now, civil rights leaders across the country worry what will come from Donald Trump's alleged equivocation on racism and hatred—and the country’s struggle in the week and a half since Charlottesville to deal with a problem much bigger than a few hundred wannabe Nazis with Tiki torches. So-called trouble making civil rights leaders talk about deep, visceral fear about where this could lead, and not in the usual political “concern” or “objections.” They see a searing landscape of possibilities ahead: Riots. Violence at protests and counterprotests. Deep psychological and emotional damage, especially among children.

     President Trump’s rally in Phoenix on Tuesday night, was against change of history and confronted the liberal media.   He was out spoken and his words were direct and meaningful - no change of course or apology.

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