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JULY 2, 2017

     Surprise, no one is flocking to Canada.  Remember when your anti-Trump friends vowed to pack their bags and flee to Canada after the 2016 US presidential election?  Well, surprise! (or maybe not): Despite the heavily touted rhetoric, available data shows few Americans actually followed through on that threat. Or at least, they haven't yet.  According to statistics from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, the number of people from the US applying for permanent residency between January and March rose 3.6% from 2016 to 2017.  That doesn't exactly constitute a mass exodus, especially when looking at the raw numbers: 1,882 Americans have applied for permanent residency in Canada in 2017, just 66 more applications from the same time period in 2016.  As for visas and authorizations issued to people from the US from January to March, the amount increased a mere 1%, from 2,497 in 2016 to 2,523 in 2017.

     Immigrating to Canada takes more than wishful thinking. Immigration lawyers surmise potential US applicants may have been dissuaded by the process.  Most immigration programs require a permanent job offer from a Canadian employer, one year of skilled work experience in Canada, a high level of English -- and possibly French -- and a significant amount of cash.  That could change, thanks to a fast-track application process the Canadian government launched in mid-June for high-skilled workers. It builds on efforts of Canadian technology companies to attract global talent that would transform Toronto into the next Silicon Valley, as new US immigration policies close the doors to would-be applicants.

     No  one will flock to Canada or anywhere else - The US is the greatest nation in the world.

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