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MAY 8, 2017

     Colbert should resign or be fired. No, the government is not trying to muzzle one of the most famous comedians in America because he made a vulgar joke about President Trump. Colbert is not being censored.  Following Monday's barrage of jokes, including one that implied Trump was taking part in a sexual act with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Colbert and "The Late Show" found itself in the middle of a backlash. Trump supporters felt he had crossed the line, and others said the joke was homophobic.

     On Thursday, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai was asked on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT if Colbert's comments violated FCC decency rules.  "I have had a chance to see the clip now and so, as we get complaints, and we've gotten a number of them, we are going to take the facts hat we find and we are going to apply the law as it's been set out by the Supreme Court and other courts and we'll take the appropriate action," Pai said.
     The FCC's "safe harbor" provision, designed to protect children, seeks to prevent stations from airing indecent material before 10 p.m. From 10 p.m. until 6 a.m., a broadcaster can only be penalized for offering material that is deemed "obscene" -- a significantly higher standard. Once a viewer complaint is filed, it's forwarded to FCC staff for review and, according to the FCC's website, "If the FCC determines the material is indecent or profane, we will take further action, including possibly imposing monetary penalties."

     Time will tell, but Colbert is a insult to all comedians.

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