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MAY 3, 2017

     Those that protested had nothing better to do.  Across the country thousands of immigrants and their allies gathered Monday to protest President Donald Trump’s toughened immigration enforcement measures, and to mark International Workers’ Day.  From Miami to Washington, D.C., and from the U.S. capital to Chicago, Dallas and Los Angeles, immigrants and activists rallied on the streets and campuses to denounce stepped-up detentions and deportations of foreign nationals that have been taking place nationwide since Trump took office on Jan. 20.  Events also took place from coast to coast and border to border, in all large cities and communities where there are significant numbers of immigrants, particularly undocumented immigrants.  One of the largest concentrations was expected in Washington, D.C.

     The  protesters were uncivilized and wanted to shout down the President.  No ideas or solutions - just rage.  The rage is coming from liberals contribute or give nothing to the country or world - except grief.

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