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Robert Namer
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APRIL 17, 2017

    Democrats have the guts to keep the liberal flames hot.  Thousands of protesters turned out Saturday in events across the country to demand President Trump release his full IRS returns, mostly large-but-peaceful events with several arrests reported in California.  That the events were held on the deadline for hundreds of millions of Americans to file their federal returns was largely coincidental. Their intent was to pressure Trump to release his tax documents and to help Trump opponents stake out their position ahead of the president’s pending tax reform plan.

     Several fights broke out and police in riot gear purportedly had to use pepper spray to subdue the crowd and confiscate fireworks that were set off at the event, according to The Mercury News.  Trump supporters were reportedly holding a free speech rally in a downtown park when they were met by opponents of the president and his policies, according to the newspaper. About 150 protests were held across the county, largely organized by the group TaxMarch.org, whose executive committee includes a former Occupy Wall Street protester.

     It now has come to a battle of wits.  Trump's tax return is so massive and complex that it will lead to many interpretations and conclusions.

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