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APRIL 13, 2017

     The liberal media got it wrong, again.  Democrats made a close race of the first congressional election since President Trump’s White House win, in a Kansas district held by Republicans for more than two decades.  The special House election Tuesday is for the seat former GOP Rep. Mike Pompeo vacated in January when appointed CIA director.  Republicans are increasingly pouring time and money into the final days of the race -- including the president tweeting and making a get-out-the-vote call for GOP candidate state Treasurer Ron Estes.  Estes won - the Republican - that is all that counts

     “Ron Estes is running TODAY for Congress in the Great State of Kansas,” Trump tweeted Tuesday morning. “A wonderful guy, I need his help on Healthcare & Tax Cuts (Reform).”  "Republican Ron Estes needs your vote and needs it badly," Trump said in his minute-long call to voters. "Our country needs help. Ron is going to be helping us, big league."

     Trump's picks for top jobs in his administration and a California Democratic appointment have created five openings in the U.S. House, where Republicans have a 237-193 edge. Republicans are defending four GOP-leaning seats -- the Kansas seat plus Georgia, Montana and South Carolina -- while Democrats are protecting a seat in a liberal California district.

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