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APRIL 5, 2017

     Stupid wishful thinking. The Cambridge City Council voted Monday night to call upon the US House of Representatives to approve an investigation into whether sufficient grounds exist to impeach President Trump.  In a vote Monday, seven city councilors voted in favor of a proposal that asks the House to authorize its Committee on the Judiciary to investigate possible violations Trump may have made in the foreign emoluments clause, domestic emoluments clause, or other constitutional clauses.  One councilor voted against the proposal, and one councilor just voted as present.

     The proposal, which was also sponsored by Vice Mayor Marc C. McGovern and Councilor Leland Cheung, will be sent, on behalf of the City Council, to the US representatives who serve Cambridge.  Devereux said Cambridge is joining a movement of cities across the country that are willing to speak up and show their concerns about Trump’s potential business conflicts.

     A total waste of time and a joke to all serious in of what their officials do with their alleged valuable time.

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