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MARCH 15, 2017

     Obamacare only has half the amount that it was predicted to have, and it has become an entitlement for the needy.  Strangely, Republicans are fighting for something that many who receive the benefit won't support.  Many Georgia Republicans scrambled to re-frame the health care conversation Monday on Capitol Hill after the release of a nonpartisan report that estimated that 24 million fewer people would be on the health insurance rolls by 2026 under GOP leaders’ Obamacare replacement plan compared to the current law.

     The release of the CBO report on Monday marked a critical moment for the fledging Republican health care replacement. House Republican leaders and President Donald Trump have been making the hard sell to skeptical members of their own party for a week that the plan would provide relief to millions of Americans.  The CBO’s analysis could attract some new supporters for the plan given its estimate that the GOP bill would lower the deficit by $337 billion over the next decade and slim health care premiums by roughly 10 percent in some cases beginning in 2020. It could also crystallize opposition, particularly among Republicans from states that expanded Medicaid, given the 24 million uninsured figure and a projected short-term spike in premiums.

     All Republican sides are good and bad points.  Repeal is the best bet and later replace.  Republicans have nothing to lose, as they won't get Obamacare votes.

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